Details for DDEntity "142 - Physical Setpoint Time Latency"

142 - Physical Setpoint Time Latency Request changes
DefinitionThe Setpoint Value Latency Time is the time lapse between the moment of receival of a setpoint value command by the working set and the moment this setpoint value is physically applied on the device. That means if the setpoint value is communicated on the network (CAN bus) but the system needs 2 seconds to adjust the value physically on the desired unit (device element) then the Setpoint Latency Time is 2 seconds. The setpoint time latency value can only be positive.
CommentThe use of this DDE is to inform the overall system (e.g. Dektop Software, Task Controller) how the system works. The TC shall not shift this information into log files nor shall the device do that when sending actual values.
Typically used by Device Class(es) 2 - Primary Soil Tillage
3 - Secondary Soil Tillage
4 - Planters /Seeders
5 - Fertilizer
6 - Sprayers
7 - Harvesters
8 - Root Harvester
9 - Forage harvester
10 - Irrigation
14 - Special Crops
Unit Symbolms -
Bit Resolution1
SAE SPNnot specified
CANBus Range-2147483648 to 2147483647
Display Range-2147483648 to 2147483647
Submit Date2005-03-01
Submit By11783-Part 10 Task Force
Submit Company89 - Kverneland Group, Electronics Division
Revision Number2
Current StatusISO-Approved
Status Date2011-04-04
Status Comments
2011-04-04: ISO-Approved
2011-03-09: Request Pending
2005-03-01: ISO-Submitted (Pending)
2005-03-01: ISO-Approved
2005-05-09: ISO-Published DDEs have been moved to published for creating the new Annex A version.