Details for DDEntity "516 - Tramline Overdosing Rate"

516 - Tramline Overdosing Rate Request changes
DefinitionOverdosing Rate for the rows adjacent to the Tramline Track.
CommentThis DDI specifies the Overdosing Rate for the rows adjacent to the Tramline Tracks. This value is specified in ppm. The value 1.000.000 (100%) is the normal rate. A value > 100% means that a overdosing is applied. In case of a seeding distance, the implement should calculate the overdosing based on seeds per area and recalculate that value to an overdosing seeding rate. Background: If the seeding distance is just multiplied with the overdosing rate, the seeding distance will increase which leads to less seed on the field! Example: In the case the seeding distance is specified the overdosing rate will result in a shorter seed distance. A seeding distance of 20,00 cm with an overdosing rate of 110% will result in a seed distance of 18,18cm for the rows adjacent to the Tramline Tracks. For more details see also attachment on DDI 505.
Typically used by Device Class(es) 4 - Planters /Seeders
Unit Symbolppm -
Bit Resolution1
CANBus Range0 to 2147483647
Display Range0 to 2147483647
Submit Date2015-12-10
Submit ByKarsten Helweg
Submit CompanyCompetence Center ISOBUS e.V.
Revision Number1
Current StatusISO-Published
Status Date2016-09-01
Status Comments
2016-09-01: ISO-Published
2015-12-10: Request Pending