PG LabelGenerator Control 1
PG AcronymGC1
PG NotesSee for details
Pgn NotesNot set
EDPNot set
DPNot set
PFNot set
PSNot set
MultipacketNot set
Transmission RateNot set
PG Data LengthNot set
Default PriorityNot set
PG ReferenceNot set
Sp Start BitNot set
PG DocumentJ1939DA
PG Created or Modified DateNot set
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. DateNot set

Linked SPNs

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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
3542Requested Engine Control Mode    View
3567Generator Control Not In Automatic Start State    View
3568Generator Not Ready to Automatically Parallel State    View
4078Generator Alternator Efficiency    View
4079Generator Governing Speed Command    View
4080Generator Frequency Selection    View
5567Engine Speed Governor Gain Adjust    View
5568Engine Speed Governor Droop    View