PG LabelEngine Configuration 1
PG AcronymEC1
PG NotesSee for details
Pgn NotesNot set
EDPNot set
DPNot set
PFNot set
PSNot set
MultipacketNot set
Transmission RateNot set
PG Data LengthNot set
Default PriorityNot set
PG ReferenceNot set
Sp Start BitNot set
PG DocumentJ1939DA
PG Created or Modified DateNot set
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. DateNot set

Linked SPNs

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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
7828Engine Default Idle Torque Limit    View
1846Engine Default Torque Limit    View
545Engine Gain (kp) Of The Endspeed Governor    View
533Engine Maximum Momentary Override Speed, Point 7    View
534Engine Maximum Momentary Override Time Limit    View
1794Engine Moment of Inertia    View
539Engine Percent Torque At Idle, Point 1    View
540Engine Percent Torque At Point 2    View
541Engine Percent Torque At Point 3    View
542Engine Percent Torque At Point 4    View
543Engine Percent Torque At Point 5    View
544Engine Reference Torque    View
535Engine Requested Speed Control Range Lower Limit    View
536Engine Requested Speed Control Range Upper Limit    View
1712Engine Requested Speed Control Range Upper Limit (Extended Range)    View
537Engine Requested Torque Control Range Lower Limit    View
538Engine Requested Torque Control Range Upper Limit    View
532Engine Speed At High Idle, Point 6    View
188Engine Speed At Idle, Point 1    View
528Engine Speed At Point 2    View
529Engine Speed At Point 3    View
530Engine Speed At Point 4    View
531Engine Speed At Point 5    View
3345Support TSC1 Control Purpose Group 1    View
3346Support TSC1 Control Purpose Group 2    View
3347Support TSC1 Control Purpose Group 3    View
3348Support TSC1 Control Purpose Group 4    View
3344Support Variable Rate TSC1 Message    View