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Linked SPNs

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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
897Override Control Mode Priority    View
21251Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) Enable Switch    View
11153HVESP2 High-Voltage Bus Low Side Resistor Connect Request    View
9832Generator Coolant Pump Percent Speed Command    View
5669Commanded Function Instance    View
3049OBD Monitoring Conditions Encountered Counts    View
4816Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Transition in Process    View
7518Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dosing Test Injection Permission Status    View
6495Engine Cylinder 4 Indicated Mean Effective Pressure    View
5923HVESS Lowest Cell Voltage    View
7676Engine Exhaust 2 Wide-Range Percent Oxygen 2 Reading Stable    View
9517DC/DC 3 Low Side Voltage Buck Default Setpoint    View
9906Engine Cylinder 14 Timing 2 Pressure    View
9118Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Unswitched SLI Voltage    View
11245HVESP2 High-Voltage Bus Passive Isolation Test Results    View
11516HVESP5 Voltage Level    View
11911Motor/Generator 3 Inverter Rate Limits Active Absolute Torque Rate Limit    View
14145HVESP7 Highest Cell Voltage Module Number    View
14445HVESP9 High-Voltage Bus Passive Isolation Test Results    View
15435HVESP12 Available Charge Power    View
15737HVESP14 Bus Voltage    View
16039HVESP16 Internal Charger Status    View
16341HVESP18 Module 11 Operational Status    View
16643HVESP20 Module 29 Operational Status    View
16945HVESP22 Highest Cell Temperature Cell Number    View
17270HVESP25 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery Diagnostic Condition    View
21173Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Vehicle Type    View
22235Current Cycle Time Until FTP Engine Output Energy    View
22554HVESP9 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 7 State    View
21063EV Error Code    View
15967HVESP15 Total Lifetime Energy Input    View
14309HVESP8 Total Accumulated Charge    View
12718GHG Tracking Stored 100 Hour Engine Fuel Consumption    View
12460NOx Tracking Stored 100 Hour Engine Output Energy Bin 4    View
11855Motor/Generator 3 Inverter Limits Request DC Side CRC    View
11596HVESP5 Nominal Voltage    View
10819Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Power Limited due to DC Side Current Minimum    View
9368SLI Battery Pack 1 Battery 1 Capacity Setting    View
8658Well Stimulation Pump Working Hours    View
8050Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Operating Status    View
7597Engine Total Diesel Fuel Demand    View
6844Lift Axle 2 Status    View
6264Engine Spark Plug 19 Maximum Voltage    View
5862Aftertreatment 1 SCR Intermediate Temperature    View
5281Engine Charge Air Cooler 1 Precooler Outlet Temperature    View
4824Side Bag Ignitor Loop 1 - Left - Resistance    View
4658Joystick 8 Button 11 Pressed Status    View
4369Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quick Thaw Tank Level    View
1214Suspect Parameter Number    View
3561AETC Torque value    View
987Protect Lamp    View
2722Joystick 2 Button 1 Pressed Status    View
11747Transmission Load Reduction Indicator    View
1443Engine Fuel Valve 2 Position    View
1016Total Drive Average Load Factor    View
591Engine Idle Shutdown Timer Function    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
898Engine Requested Speed/Speed Limit    View
21252Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) Request    View
20880HVESP2 Thermal Management Maintenance Request    View
9816Generator Coolant Fan Enable Command    View
5670Commanded Function    View
3066SPN of Applicable System Monitor    View
191Transmission Output Shaft Speed    View
4350Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Requested Quantity of Integrator    View
6496Engine Cylinder 4 Average Start of Combustion Timing    View
5924HVESS Cell Voltage Differential Status    View
7677Engine Exhaust 2 Gas Sensor 2 Heater Preliminary FMI    View
7964DC/DC 3 Control CRC    View
9907Engine Cylinder 14 Timing 3 Pressure    View
10764Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Status 2 CRC    View
11246HVESP2 Bus Voltage Negative to Chassis Ground Voltage    View
11517HVESP5 Current    View
11933Motor/Generator 4 Inverter Mode Feedback 1 CRC    View