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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
6642Engine Fuel 2 Tank 1 Level    View
6321Engine Oil Filter Differential Pressure (Extended Range)    View
6573Engine Prechamber Fuel Absolute Pressure    View
21314Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Mode Request    View
21315Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Power Percent Command    View
21316Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Coolant Temperature Setpoint    View
21317Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Mode    View
21318Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Power Percent    View
21319Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Coolant Temperature    View
21320Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Input Current level    View
21321Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Input Voltage level    View
21322Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Speed Command    View
21323Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Percent Speed Command    View
21324Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Enable Command    View
21325Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Speed Command    View
21326Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Percent Speed Command    View
21327Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Enable Command    View
21328Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Speed    View
21329Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Input Voltage    View
21330Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Input Current    View
21331Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Enable Status    View
21333Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Speed    View
21334Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Input Voltage    View
21335Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Input Current    View
21332Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Enable Status    View
6777Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Detection Status    View
6778Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Power Supply    View
6779Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Regeneration Failed Count    View
6780Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Temperature    View
6781Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Maximum Resistance    View
7070Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Heater Resistance    View
6771Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Resistance    View
6772Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Heater State    View
6773Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Regeneration Status    View
6774Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Regeneration State    View
6775Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Active Accumulation Time    View
6776Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Time Between Regenerations    View
21849Number of functionalities 1 byte1 /bit0View
21850Functionality 1 byte256 definitions/8 bit0View
21851Functionality Generation 1 byte1 /bit0View
21852Number of Options Bytes 1 byte1 /bit0View
21853Functionality Option variable  View
6646Engine Gaseous Fuel Supply Pressure 1 (Extended Range)    View
6610Engine Fuel Vaporizer 1 Discharge Temperature    View
6815Gaseous Fuel Accumulator Temperature    View
9649Engine Gaseous Fuel 1 Supply Pressure Regulator Control Command    View
21842Engine Gaseous Fuel 2 Supply Pressure Regulator Control Command    View
6589Engine Fuel 1 Injector Metering Rail 1 Pressure 1    View
6590Engine Fuel 1 Injector Metering Rail 1 Pressure 2    View
6591Engine Fuel 1 Injector Metering Rail 2 Pressure 1    View
6592Engine Fuel 1 Injector Metering Rail 2 Pressure 2    View
6579Engine Exhaust NOx    View
6580Engine Exhaust Desired NOx    View
9812Engine Exhaust NOx Sensor Power Supply    View
6575Engine Main Chamber Air Fuel Ratio    View
6576Engine Main Chamber Desired Air Fuel Ratio    View
6577Engine Prechamber Air Fuel Ratio    View
6578Engine Prechamber Desired Air Fuel Ratio    View
6571Engine Main Chamber Fuel Absolute Pressure    View
6572Engine Main Chamber Fuel Desired Absolute Pressure    View
6356Joystick 2 Lamp 9 Status    View
6359Joystick 3 Lamp 2 Status    View
6360Joystick 3 Lamp 3 Status    View
6361Joystick 3 Lamp 4 Status    View
6362Joystick 3 Lamp 5 Status    View
6363Joystick 3 Lamp 6 Status    View
6364Joystick 3 Lamp 7 Status    View
6365Joystick 3 Lamp 8 Status    View
6366Joystick 3 Lamp 9 Status    View
6367Joystick 3 Lamp 10 Status    View
6348Joystick 2 Lamp 1 Status    View
6349Joystick 2 Lamp 2 Status    View
6350Joystick 2 Lamp 3 Status    View
6351Joystick 2 Lamp 4 Status    View
6352Joystick 2 Lamp 5 Status    View
6353Joystick 2 Lamp 6 Status    View
6354Joystick 2 Lamp 7 Status    View
6355Joystick 2 Lamp 8 Status    View
6344Joystick 1 Lamp 7 Status    View
6334Engine Timing Actuator 1 Requested Position    View
1245Engine Timing Actuator 2    View
635Engine Timing Actuator 1    View
6337Engine Timing Actuator 2 Position Command    View
6336Engine Timing Actuator 1 Position Command    View
6347Joystick 1 Lamp 10 Status    View
6346Joystick 1 Lamp 9 Status    View
6345Joystick 1 Lamp 8 Status    View
6338Joystick 1 Lamp 1 Status    View