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PGNPG Label 
64577Alternate Fuel 4View
64578Tire Condition Message 2View
64579Tire Configuration Status InformationView
64580High Voltage Energy Storage System Data 15View
64581Tire Wireless Signal Strength IndicatorView
64582Tire Sensor Identification StatusView
64583Monitored Tire InformationView
64584Aftertreatment 2 Historical Information 2View
64585Aftertreatment 1 Historical Information 2View
64586SCR System CleaningView
64587Electronic Engine Controller 17View
64588SCR Operator Inducement Information 3View
64589Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Information 3View
64590Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Information 3View
64591Payload Weight Sensor InformationView
64592Payload System StatusView
64593Air Suspension Control 7View
64594Bin Weight and Lift CountView
64595Engine Gaseous Leakage InformationView
64596Driving and Rest Times Driver 2View
64597Driving and Rest Times Driver 1View
64598SCR Operator Inducement Information 2View
64599SCR Operator Inducement Information 1View
64600Turbocharger Information 7View
64601Engine Load Sharing InformationView
64602Synchronized Service Distance InformationView
64603Synchronized Service Delay/Operational Time Based InformationView
64604Synchronized Service Delay/Calendar Time Based InformationView
64605High Voltage Energy Storage System ConfigurationView
64606High Voltage Energy Storage System HistoryView
64607Encoder PositionView
64608Encoder High Resolution PositionView
64609Encoder SpeedView
64610Encoder AccelerationView
64611Encoder Position with Speed and AccelerationView
64612Inclinometer Slope Longitudinal (16 bit)View
64613Inclinometer Slope Longitudinal (32 bit)View
64614Inclinometer Slope Lateral (16 bit)View
64615Inclinometer Slope Lateral (32 bit)View
64616CANopen Emergency MessageView
64617EV Operator Indicators 1View
64619Engine Maximum Net Torque Map (obsolete, use PGN 64248)View
64621Acoustic Warning RequestView
64622Acoustic Warning StateView
64623Vehicle LoadView
64624Body Application Unit 1View
64625Body Application Unit 2View
64626Body Application Unit 3View
64627Body Application Unit 4View
64628Body Application Unit 5View
64629Body Application Unit 6View
64630Body Application Unit 7View
64631Body Application Unit 8View
64632Electronic Control UnitView
64633ECU Power SupplyView
64634ECU TemperatureView
64636Heating And Refrigerating Unit 1View
64637Heating And Refrigerating Unit 2View
64638Heating And Refrigerating Unit 3View
64639Heating And Refrigerating Unit 4View
64640HRU Temperature SetpointView
64641Lifting Unit 1View
64642Tail-Lift Unit 1View
64643Vehicle StatusView
64644Windshield Wiper RequestView
64645Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater ControlView
64646Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater InformationView
64647Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 CommandView
64648Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 CommandView
64649Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 StatusView
64650Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 StatusView
64651Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Information 2View
64652Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Information 1View
64653Product Identification InformationView
64654Control Function FunctionalitiesView
64655Alternate Fuel 3View
64656Engine Fuel Injector Metering Rail Pressure Information 1View
64657Engine Exhaust NOxView
64658Air Fuel RatioView
64659Gaseous Fuel Pressure 2View
64660Aftertreatment System Abuse InformationView
64661Engine Cylinder Pressure Monitor Status InformationView
64662Engine Information 2View
64663Electronic Steering Control 2View
64664Vehicle Speed LimiterView
64665Assembly Unit IdentificationView
64666Joystick 3 Lamp StatusView
64667Joystick 2 Lamp StatusView
64668Joystick 1 Lamp StatusView
64669Engine Timing Actuator Position CommandView
64670Engine Timing Actuator PositionView
64671Dash Display 2View
64672Multi-fuel Engine HoursView
64673Engine Spark Misfire Rate 3View
64674Engine Spark Misfire Rate 2View
64675Engine Spark Misfire Rate 1View
64676Engine Spark Maximum Voltage 6View
64677Engine Spark Maximum Voltage 5View