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PGNPG Label 
26880Marine Control Information Configuration 1View
27136Marine Control Information 2View
27392Well Stimulation Pump Sensor Calibration CommandView
27648CiA 602-2 XCPView
27904Well Stimulation Pump System Configuration CommandView
28160Configurable Receive SPNs CommandView
28416Authentication Client to Authentication ServerView
28672Authentication Server to Authentication ClientView
28928Configurable Transmit PGNs CommandView
29184Oil Debris Monitor Configuration CommandView
29440Electrified Accessory Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 3 CommandView
29696Electrified Accessory Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 2 CommandView
29952Electrified Accessory Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 CommandView
30208Electrified Accessory Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 CommandView
30464Electrified Accessory Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 CommandView
30720Electrified Accessory Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 CommandView
30976Electrified Accessory Propulsion Motor Oil Pump CommandView
31232Electrified Accessory Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump CommandView
31488Electrified Accessory Power Electronics Coolant Pump CommandView
32000Electrified Accessory Motor CommandView
32256Engine Speed Ramp Rate Boundary RequestView
32512Tire Sensor Identification CommandView
32768Hybrid or EV System Control 1View
33024Aftertreatment System ControlView
33280Tire Configuration Command InformationView
33536Payload Calibration Information CommandView
33792Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor ControlView
34048Cab Message 2View
34304Switched Power Outputs CommandView
34560Engine State RequestsView
34816Radio Beacon RequestView
35072Running Gear Equipment #2/4View
35328Running Gear Equipment #1/2View
35584CCP Data Transmission ObjectView
35840CCP Command Receive ObjectView
36096Sequence Control Client-to-Sequence Control MasterView
36352Sequence Control Master-to-Sequence Control ClientView
36608Engine Configuration CommandsView
36864Supplemental Fan CommandView
37120Vehicle/Chassis Lubrication System 1View
37376Aftertreatment 1 Hydrocarbon Doser Information 1View
37632NAME Management MessageView
37888Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Sensor CalibrationView
38144Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Sensor CalibrationView
38400Low Voltage Disconnect Set Operating ModeView
38656Noise Control StatusView
38912Noise Control 1View
39168Joystick Lamp Command MessageView
39424General Purpose Message #1/8View
39680Proprietary Method IdentificationView
39936Auxiliary Input/Output Status 7View
40192Auxiliary Input/Output Status 6View
40448DTC CountsView
40704Immediate Fault StatusView
40960NTE StatusView
41216Emission Increasing Auxiliary Emission Control Device Active TimeView
41472Regulated Exhaust Emission Level ExceedanceView
41728DTC To Lamp AssociationView
41984Scaled Test ResultsView
42240Auxiliary Input/Output Status 4View
42496Auxiliary Input/Output Status 3View
42752Auxiliary Input/Output Status 2View
43008Text DisplayView
43264Forward Lane Image CommandView
43520Client (ECU) to File Server messageView
43776File Server to Client (ECU) messageView
44032Agricultural Guidance Machine InfoView
44288Agricultural Guidance System commandView
44544Tire Pressure Reference SettingView
44800Parameter Locate MessageView
45056Configuration Identification MessageView
45312Proprietarily Configurable Message #1View
45568Proprietarily Configurable Message #2View
45824Proprietarily Configurable Message #3View
46080Proprietarily Configurable Message #4View
46336Proprietarily Configurable Message #5View
46592Proprietarily Configurable Message #6View
46848Proprietarily Configurable Message #7View
47104Proprietarily Configurable Message #8View
47360Proprietarily Configurable Message #9View
47616Proprietarily Configurable Message #10View
47872Proprietarily Configurable Message #11View
48128Proprietarily Configurable Message #12View
48384Proprietarily Configurable Message #13View
48640Proprietarily Configurable Message #14View
48896Proprietarily Configurable Message #15View
49152Proprietarily Configurable Message #16View
49408Diagnostic Readiness 2View
49664Monitor Performance RatioView
49920Individual Clear/Reset Of Active And Previously Active DTCView
50176General Purpose Valve commandView
50432General Purpose Valve measured flowView
50688General Purpose Valve estimated flowView
50944Extended Transport Protocol - Data TransferView
51200Extended Transport Protocol - Connection ManagementView
51456Request 2View
51968Process Data MessageView
52224Request for Repetition RateView
52480Reserved for ISO 15765-2View