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PGNPG Label 
65198Air Supply PressureView
65199Fuel Consumption (Gaseous)View
65200Trip Time Information 2View
65201ECU HistoryView
65202Fuel Information 1 (Gaseous)View
65203Fuel Information 1 (Liquid)View
65204Trip Time Information 1View
65205Trip Shutdown InformationView
65206Trip Vehicle Speed/Cruise Distance InformationView
65207Engine Speed/Load Factor Information 1View
65208Trip Fuel Information (Gaseous)View
65209Trip Fuel Information (Liquid)View
65210Trip Distance InformationView
65211Trip Fan InformationView
65212Compression/Service Brake InformationView
65213Fan Drive #1View
65214Electronic Engine Controller 4View
65215Wheel Speed InformationView
65216Service InformationView
65217High Resolution Vehicle DistanceView
65218Electronic Retarder Controller 2View
65219Electronic Transmission Controller 5View
65220Electronic Brake System #2/2View
65221Electronic Transmission Controller 4View
65222Electronic Brake System #2/3View
65223Electronic Transmission Controller 3View
65224General Purpose Message #2/2View
65225Electronic Brake System #1/2View
65226Active Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
65227Previously Active Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
65228Diagnostic Data Clear/Reset for Previously Active DTCsView
65229Freeze Frame ParametersView
65230Diagnostic Readiness 1View
65231Emission-Related Pending Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
65232Test Results for Non-continuously Monitored SystemsView
65233Oxygen Sensor Test ResultsView
65234Non-Continuously Monitored Systems Test Identifiers SupportView
65235Diagnostic Data Clear/Reset for Active DTCsView
65236Emission-Related MIL-On Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
65237Alternator InformationView
65238Hybrid or EV System Inputs 1View
65240Commanded AddressView
65241Auxiliary Input/Output Status 1View
65242Software IdentificationView
65243Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 2View
65244Idle OperationView
65246Engine Air Start PressureView
65247Electronic Engine Controller 3View
65248Vehicle DistanceView
65249Retarder ConfigurationView
65250Transmission ConfigurationView
65251Engine Configuration 1View
65253Engine Hours, RevolutionsView
65255Vehicle HoursView
65256Vehicle Direction/SpeedView
65257Fuel Consumption (Liquid) 1View
65258Vehicle WeightView
65259Component IdentificationView
65260Vehicle IdentificationView
65261Cruise Control/Vehicle Speed SetupView
65262Engine Temperature 1View
65263Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 1View
65264Power Takeoff Information 1View
65265Cruise Control/Vehicle Speed 1View
65266Fuel Economy (Liquid)View
65267Vehicle Position 1View
65268Tire Condition Message 1View
65269Ambient ConditionsView
65270Intake/Exhaust Conditions 1View
65271Vehicle Electrical Power 1View
65272Transmission Fluids 1View
65273Axle InformationView
65274Brakes 1View
65275Retarder fluidsView
65276Dash Display 1View
65277Alternate Fuel 1View
65278Auxiliary Water Pump PressureView
65279Operator indicatorsView
65280Proprietary B (first entry)View
65281Proprietary BView
65282Proprietary BView
65283Proprietary BView
65284Proprietary BView
65285Proprietary BView
65286Proprietary BView
65287Proprietary BView
65288Proprietary BView
65289Proprietary BView
65290Proprietary BView
65291Proprietary BView
65292Proprietary BView
65293Proprietary BView
65294Proprietary BView
65295Proprietary BView
65296Proprietary BView
65297Proprietary BView
65298Proprietary BView