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PGNPG Label 
65500Proprietary BView
65501Proprietary BView
65502Proprietary BView
65503Proprietary BView
65504Proprietary BView
65505Proprietary BView
65506Proprietary BView
65507Proprietary BView
65508Proprietary BView
65509Proprietary BView
65510Proprietary BView
65511Proprietary BView
65512Proprietary BView
65513Proprietary BView
65514Proprietary BView
65515Proprietary BView
65516Proprietary BView
65517Proprietary BView
65518Proprietary BView
65519Proprietary BView
65520Proprietary BView
65521Proprietary BView
65522Proprietary BView
65523Proprietary BView
65524Proprietary BView
65525Proprietary BView
65526Proprietary BView
65527Proprietary BView
65528Proprietary BView
65529Proprietary BView
65530Proprietary BView
65531Proprietary BView
65532Proprietary BView
65533Proprietary BView
65534Proprietary BView
65535Proprietary B (last entry)View
126208NMEA - Request/Command/Acknowledge group functionView
126464PGN List - Transmit/Receive PGN's group functionView
126720Proprietary A2View
126984Alert ResponseView
126985Alert TextView
126986Alert ConfigurationView
126987Alert ThresholdView
126988Alert ValueView
126992System TimeView
126996Product InformationView
126998Configuration InformationView
127237Heading/Track ControlView
127250Vessel HeadingView
127251Rate of TurnView
127258Magnetic VariationView
127488Engine Parameters, Rapid UpdateView
127489Engine Parameters, DynamicView
127493Transmission Parameters, DynamicView
127496Trip Parameters, VesselView
127497Trip Parameters, Small CraftView
127498Engine Parameters, StaticView
127501Binary Switch Bank StatusView
127502Switch Bank ControlView
127503AC Input StatusView
127504AC Output StatusView
127505Fluid LevelView
127506DC Detailed StatusView
127507Charger StatusView
127508Battery StatusView
127509Inverter StatusView
127510Charger Configuration StatusView
127511Inverter Configuration StatusView
127512AGS Configuration StatusView
127513Battery Configuration StatusView
127514AGS StatusView
128267Water DepthView
128275Distance LogView
128520Tracked Target DataView
129025Position, Rapid UpdateView
129026COG & SOG, Rapid UpdateView
129027Position Delta, High Precision Rapid UpdateView
129028Altitude Delta, High Precision Rapid UpdateView
129029GNSS Position DataView
129033Time & DateView
129038AIS Class A Position ReportView
129039AIS Class B Position ReportView
129040AIS Class B Extended Position ReportView
129045User Datum SettingsView
129283Cross Track ErrorView
129284Navigation DataView
129285Navigation - Route/WP informationView
129291Set & Drift, Rapid UpdateView
129301Time to/from MarkView
129302Bearing and Distance between two MarksView
129538GNSS Control StatusView
129539GNSS DOPsView
129540GNSS Sats in ViewView
129541GPS Almanac DataView
129542GNSS Pseudorange Noise StatisticsView