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PGNPG Label 
52736Reserved for ISO 15765-2View
52992Continuous Torque & Speed Limit RequestView
53248Background lighting level commandView
53504Air Suspension Control 6View
53760Air Suspension Control 2View
54016Calibration InformationView
54272Data SecurityView
54528Time/Date AdjustView
54784Boot Load DataView
55040Binary Data TransferView
55296Memory Access ResponseView
55552Memory Access RequestView
55808Reserved for ISO 15765-2View
56064Reserved for ISO 15765-2View
56320Anti-theft StatusView
56576Anti-theft RequestView
57088Stop Start BroadcastView
57344Cab Message 1View
57600General Purpose Message #2/1View
57856General Purpose Message #1/1View
58112Command Non-continuously Monitored TestView
58368Running Gear Equipment #1/1View
58624Running Gear Equipment #2/1View
58880Virtual Terminal-to-NodeView
59136Node-to-Virtual TerminalView
59392Acknowledgment MessageView
60160Transport Protocol - Data TransferView
60416Transport Protocol - Connection MgmtView
60672Network MessageView
60928Address ClaimedView
61184Proprietary AView
61440Electronic Retarder Controller 1View
61441Electronic Brake Controller 1View
61442Electronic Transmission Controller 1View
61443Electronic Engine Controller 2View
61444Electronic Engine Controller 1View
61445Electronic Transmission Controller 2View
61446Electronic Axle Controller 1View
61447Forward Lane Image 1View
61448Hydraulic Pressure Governor InfoView
61449Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control 2View
61450Engine Gas Flow RateView
61451Electronic Steering ControlView
61452Electronic Transmission Controller #8View
61453Land Leveling System Operational InformationView
61454Aftertreatment 1 Intake Gas 1View
61455Aftertreatment 1 Outlet Gas 1View
61456Aftertreatment 2 Intake Gas 1View
61457Aftertreatment 2 Outlet Gas 1View
61458Fifth Wheel Smart Systems 1View
61459Slope Sensor InformationView
61460Blade InformationView
61461Requested Generator Total AC Reactive PowerView
61462Cylinder Combustion StatusView
61463Engine Knock Level #1View
61464Engine Knock Level #2View
61465Engine Knock Level #3View
61466Engine Throttle / Fuel Actuator Control CommandView
61467General Purpose Message #1/7View
61468Requested Generator Average Basic AC QuantitiesView
61469Steering Angle Sensor InformationView
61470Generator Control 2View
61471Electronic Brake System #2/6View
61472Electronic Brake System #2/5View
61473Engine Speed Sensor Information 1View
61474Machine Selected SpeedView
61475Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Information 1View
61476Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Requests 1View
61477Aftertreatment 1 SCR Ammonia InformationView
61478Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Information 1View
61479Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Requests 1View
61480Aftertreatment 2 SCR Ammonia InformationView
61481Slope Sensor Information 2View
61482Angular Rate InformationView
61483Crash NotificationView
61484Magnet Status Information 2View
61485Acceleration SensorView
61486Engine Turbocharger Control 1View
61487Advanced Emergency Braking System 1View
61488Wireless StatusView
61489Wand SensorView
61490Linear Displacement SensorView
61491Aftertreatment 1 SCR Ammonia Information 2View
61492Aftertreatment 2 SCR Ammonia Information 2View
61494High Voltage Energy Storage System Status 2View
61495Engine Turbocharger Blowoff Actuator 1View
61496Engine Torque / Fuel RequestView
61497Engine Air System InformationView
61498Engine Cylinder 1 Combustion InformationView
61499Engine Cylinder 2 Combustion InformationView
61500Engine Cylinder 3 Combustion InformationView
61501Engine Cylinder 4 Combustion InformationView
61502Engine Cylinder 5 Combustion InformationView
61503Engine Cylinder 6 Combustion InformationView
61504Engine Cylinder 7 Combustion InformationView
61505Engine Cylinder 8 Combustion InformationView
61506Engine Cylinder 9 Combustion InformationView
61507Engine Cylinder 10 Combustion InformationView