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1734Nominal Level Front AxleView
1735Level Preset Rear Axle RightView
1736Above Nominal Level Rear AxleView
1737Above Nominal Level Front AxleView
1738Below Nominal Level Front AxleView
1739Lifting Control Mode Front AxleView
1740Lowering Control Mode Front AxleView
1741Level Control ModeView
1742Kneeling InformationView
1743Lift Axle 1 PositionView
1744Door ReleaseView
1745Vehicle Motion InhibitView
1746Security DeviceView
1747Kneeling Control Mode RequestView
1748Kneeling Request Right SideView
1749Kneeling Request Left SideView
1750Nominal Level Request Rear AxleView
1751Nominal Level Request Front AxleView
1752Lift Axle 1 Position CommandView
1753Level Control Mode RequestView
1754Below Nominal Level Rear AxleView
1755Lowering Control Mode Rear AxleView
1756Lifting Control Mode Rear AxleView
1757Level Preset Front Axle RightView
1758Level Preset Rear Axle LeftView
1759Blade Height Set Point (High Resolution)View
1760Gross Combination Vehicle WeightView
1761Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank VolumeView
1762Hydraulic PressureView
1763Engine Hydraulic Pressure Governor Mode IndicatorView
1764Engine Hydraulic Pressure Governor SwitchView
1765Engine Fuel Valve 1 Commanded PositionView
1766Engine Fuel Valve 2 Commanded PositionView
1767Specific Heat RatioView
1768Engine Low Limit Threshold for Maximum RPM from EngineView
1769Engine High Limit Threshold for Minimum Continuous Engine RPMView
1770Engine Low Limit Threshold for Maximum Torque from EngineView
1771Engine High Limit Threshold for Minimum Continuous Torque from EngineView
1772Engine Maximum Continuous RPMView
1773Engine Minimum Continuous RPMView
1774Engine Maximum Continuous TorqueView
1775Engine Minimum Continuous TorqueView
1776Low Limit Threshold for Maximum RPM from RetarderView
1777High Limit Threshold for Minimum Continuous RPM from RetarderView
1778Low Limit Threshold for Maximum Torque from RetarderView
1779High Limit Threshold for Minimum Continuous Torque from RetarderView
1780Maximum Continuous Retarder Speed View
1781Minimum Continuous Retarder SpeedView
1782Maximum Continuous Retarder TorqueView
1783Minimum Continuous Retarder TorqueView
1784Engine Speed Limit Request - Minimum ContinuousView
1785Engine Speed Limit Request - Maximum ContinuousView
1786Engine Torque Limit Request - Minimum ContinuousView
1787Engine Torque Limit Request - Maximum ContinuousView
1788Minimum Continuous Retarder Speed Limit RequestView
1789Maximum Continuous Retarder Speed Limit RequestView
1790Minimum Continuous Retarder Torque Limit RequestView
1791Maximum Continuous Retarder Torque Limit RequestView
1792Tractor-Mounted Trailer ABS Warning SignalView
1793ATC/ASR Information SignalView
1794Engine Moment of InertiaView
1795Alternator Current (High Range/Resolution)View
1796ACC Distance Alert SignalView
1797ACC System Shutoff WarningView
1798ACC Target DetectedView
1799Requested ACC Distance ModeView
1800SLI Battery 1 TemperatureView
1801SLI Battery 2 TemperatureView
1802Engine Intake Manifold 5 TemperatureView
1803Engine Intake Manifold 6 TemperatureView
1804Engine Start Enable Device 2View
1805LED Display Mode ControlView
1806LED Display Deadband ControlView
1807Steering Wheel AngleView
1808Yaw RateView
1809Lateral AccelerationView
1810Longitudinal AccelerationView
1811Steering Wheel Turn CounterView
1812Steering Wheel Angle Sensor TypeView
1813VDC Information SignalView
1814VDC Fully OperationalView
1815VDC brake light requestView
1816ROP Engine Control activeView
1817YC Engine Control activeView
1818ROP Brake Control activeView
1819YC Brake Control activeView
1820Ramp / Wheel Chair Lift PositionView
1821Position of doorsView
1822Lift Axle 2 PositionView
1823Rear Axle in Bumper RangeView
1824Front Axle in Bumper RangeView
1825Suspension Remote control 2View
1826Suspension Remote Control 1View
1827Suspension Control Refusal InformationView
1828Lift Axle 2 Position CommandView
1829Kneeling Command - Rear AxleView
1830Kneeling Command - Front AxleView
1831Electronic Shock Absorber Control Mode - Lift/Tag AxleView
1832Electronic Shock Absorber Control Mode - Rear AxleView
1833Electronic Shock Absorber Control Mode - Front AxleView