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1835Engine Total Average Fuel EconomyView
1836Trailer ABS StatusView
1837Convoy Driving Lamp SelectView
1838Convoy Lamp SelectView
1839Front Black Out Marker Lamp SelectView
1840Rear Black Out Marker SelectView
1841Black Out Brake/Stop Lamp SelectView
1842Black Out Work Lamp SelectView
1843Night Vision Illuminator SelectView
1844Operators Black Out Intensity SelectionView
1845Transmission Torque LimitView
1846Engine Default Torque LimitView
1847Hill Holder Lamp CommandView
1848Hill Holder Lamp DataView
1849Transmission Requested Range Display Flash StateView
1850Transmission Requested Range Display Blank StateView
1851Transmission Shift Inhibit IndicatorView
1852Transmission Mode 1View
1853Transmission Mode 2View
1854Transmission Mode 3View
1855Transmission Mode 4View
1856Seat Belt SwitchView
1857Winch Oil Pressure SwitchView
1859Ground-based machine speedView
1860Ground-based machine distanceView
1861Ground-based machine directionView
1862Wheel-based machine speedView
1863Wheel-based machine distanceView
1864Wheel-based machine directionView
1865Key switch stateView
1866Maximum Time of Tractor PowerView
1867Maintain ECU PowerView
1868Maintain Acuator PowerView
1869Implement Transport stateView
1870Implement Park stateView
1871Implement ready-to-work stateView
1872Front Hitch PositionView
1873Rear Hitch PositionView
1874Front hitch position — Command View
1875Rear hitch position — CommandView
1876Front Hitch In-work IndicationView
1877Rear Hitch In-work IndicationView
1878Front DraftView
1879Rear DraftView
1880Front Nominal Lower Link ForceView
1881Rear Nominal Lower Link ForceView
1882Front PTO output shaft speedView
1883Rear PTO output shaft speedView
1884Front PTO Output Shaft Speed Set PointView
1885Rear PTO Output Shaft Speed Set PointView
1886Front PTO output shaft speed set point — CommandView
1887Rear PTO output shaft speed set point — CommandView
1888Front Power Take Off EngagementView
1889Front Power Take Off ModeView
1890Rear Power Take Off ModeView
1891Front Power Take Off Economy ModeView
1892Rear Power Take Off Economy ModeView
1893Front PTO engagement — CommandView
1894Rear PTO engagement — Command View
1895Front PTO mode — CommandView
1896Rear PTO mode — CommandView
1897Front PTO economy mode — CommandView
1898Rear PTO economy mode — CommandView
1899Auxiliary valve number 0 extend port measured flowView
1900Auxiliary valve number 0 retract port measured flowView
1901Auxiliary valve 0 extend port estimated flowView
1902Auxiliary valve 0 retract port estimated flowView
1903Auxiliary valve number 0 valve stateView
1904Auxiliary valve number 0 extend port pressureView
1905Auxiliary valve 0 retract port pressureView
1906Auxiliary valve number 0 return port pressureView
1907Auxiliary valve number 0 port flow — CommandView
1908Auxiliary valve number 0 state — CommandView
1909Auxiliary valve number 0 fail safe mode — CommandView
1910Auxiliary valve 0 fail safe modeView
1911Auxiliary valve number 01 extend port measured flowView
1912Auxiliary valve number 01 retract port measured flowView
1913Auxiliary valve number 01 extend port estimated flowView
1914Auxiliary valve number 01 retract port estimated flowView
1915Auxiliary valve number 01 valve stateView
1916Auxiliary valve number 01 extend port pressureView
1917Auxiliary valve number 01 retract port pressure View
1918Auxiliary valve number 01 return port pressureView
1919Auxiliary valve number 1 port flow — CommandView
1920Auxiliary valve number 1 state — CommandView
1921Auxiliary valve number 1 fail safe mode — CommandView
1922Auxiliary valve 01 fail safe modeView
1923Auxiliary valve number 02 extend port measured flowView
1924Auxiliary valve number 02 retract port measured flowView
1925Auxiliary valve number 02 extend port estimated flowView
1926Auxiliary valve number 02 retract port estimated flowView
1927Auxiliary valve number 02 valve stateView
1928Auxiliary valve number 02 extend port pressureView
1929Auxiliary valve number 02 retract port pressure View
1930Auxiliary valve number 02 return port pressureView
1931Auxiliary valve number 2 port flow — CommandView
1932Auxiliary valve number 2 state — CommandView
1933Auxiliary valve number 2 fail safe mode — CommandView
1934Auxiliary valve 02 fail safe modeView
1935Auxiliary valve number 03 extend port measured flowView