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20730Power Converter 2 Power Converter Power Module Switch TemperatureView
20731Transformer 1 Phase U TemperatureView
20732Transformer 1 Phase V TemperatureView
20733Transformer 1 Phase W TemperatureView
20734Transformer 2 Phase U TemperatureView
20735Transformer 2 Phase V TemperatureView
20736Transformer 2 Phase W TemperatureView
20783Driver Brake DemandView
20784Overall Intended Brake AccelerationView
20785Engine Oil ResistanceView
20786Hydraulic Oil ResistanceView
20787Auto High/Low Beam Enable SwitchView
20788Operation Consent - Transmission Input Shaft PTO 1View
20789Operation Consent - Transmission Input Shaft PTO 2View
20790Operation Consent - Transmission Output Shaft PTOView
20791Operation Consent - Transfer Case Output Shaft PTOView
20792Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 1 Empty CountView
20793Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quality Malfunction CountView
20794Aftertreatment SCR Malfunction CountView
20795Diesel Exhaust Fluid Frozen CountView
20796Aftertreatment 1 SCR Intake High Temperature CountView
20797Aftertreatment 1 Total Event Count With No DEF DeliveryView
20798Lighting Data 2 Request CommandView
20799Tractor Hazard Lights CommandView
20800Tractor Hazard LightsView
20802High Voltage Bus Driveline AvailabilityView
20803High Voltage Bus Auxiliaries AvailabilityView
20804High Voltage Bus ePTO AvailabilityView
20805High Voltage Bus On-Board Charger AvailabilityView
20806High Voltage Bus Off-Board Charger AvailabilityView
20807Engine Aftercooler Coolant TemperatureView
20808Engine Desired Aftercooler Coolant Intake Temperature (High Resolution)View
20809Engine Aftercooler Coolant Differential Pressure Switch StatusView
20810Engine Aftercooler Coolant Pump ControlView
20811Engine Radiator 1 Control Temperature View
20812Desired Engine Radiator 1 Control TemperatureView
20813Engine Radiator 1 Fan 1 StatusView
20814Engine Radiator 1 Fan 2 StatusView
20815Engine Radiator 1 Fan 3 StatusView
20816Engine Radiator 1 Fan 4 StatusView
20817Engine Radiator 1 Fan 5 StatusView
20818Engine Radiator 1 Fan 6 StatusView
20819Engine Radiator 1 Fan 7 StatusView
20820Engine Radiator 1 Fan 8 StatusView
20821Engine Radiator 2 Control Temperature View
20822Desired Engine Radiator 2 Control TemperatureView
20823Engine Radiator 2 Fan 1 StatusView
20824Engine Radiator 2 Fan 2 StatusView
20825Engine Radiator 2 Fan 3 StatusView
20826Engine Radiator 2 Fan 4 StatusView
20827Engine Radiator 2 Fan 5 StatusView
20828Engine Radiator 2 Fan 6 StatusView
20829Engine Radiator 2 Fan 7 StatusView
20830Engine Radiator 2 Fan 8 StatusView
20831Genset Enclosure Intake Air TemperatureView
20832Genset Enclosure Outlet Air TemperatureView
20833Genset Enclosure Fan Requested Percent SpeedView
20834Heat Exchanger 1 Primary Intake TemperatureView
20835Heat Exchanger 1 Primary Outlet TemperatureView
20836Heat Exchanger 1 Secondary Intake TemperatureView
20837Heat Exchanger 1 Secondary Outlet TemperatureView
20838Heat Exchanger 2 Primary Intake TemperatureView
20839Heat Exchanger 2 Primary Outlet TemperatureView
20840Heat Exchanger 2 Secondary Intake TemperatureView
20841Heat Exchanger 2 Secondary Outlet TemperatureView
20842Heat Exchanger 3 Primary Intake TemperatureView
20843Heat Exchanger 3 Primary Outlet TemperatureView
20844Heat Exchanger 3 Secondary Intake TemperatureView
20845Heat Exchanger 3 Secondary Outlet TemperatureView
20846Heat Exchanger 4 Primary Intake TemperatureView
20847Heat Exchanger 4 Primary Outlet TemperatureView
20848Heat Exchanger 4 Secondary Intake TemperatureView
20849Heat Exchanger 4 Secondary Outlet TemperatureView
20850Engine Exhaust Heat Exchanger Outlet TemperatureView
20851Engine Exhaust Heat Exchanger Bypass Actuator 1 Desired PositionView
20852Engine Exhaust Heat Exchanger Bypass Actuator 1 PositionView
20853Genset Enclosure Ventilation Louver Actuator 1 Desired PositionView
20854Genset Enclosure Ventilation Louver Actuator 1 PositionView
20855Genset Enclosure Ventilation Louver Actuator 2 Desired PositionView
20856Genset Enclosure Ventilation Louver Actuator 2 PositionView
20857Genset Enclosure Ventilation Recirculation Louver Actuator Desired PositionView
20858Genset Enclosure Ventilation Recirculation Louver Actuator PositionView
20859Heating Circuit Supply Outlet Coolant TemperatureView
20860Heating Circuit Return Coolant TemperatureView
20861Desired Heating Circuit Thermostat OpeningView
20862Heating Circuit Thermostat OpeningView
20863Heating Circuit Differential Pressure Switch StatusView
20864Heating Circuit Pump ControlView
20865Desired Engine Coolant TemperatureView
20866Engine Coolant Differential Pressure Switch StatusView
20869ADS Vehicle Speed Control Command PriorityView
20870Automated Driving System Operation StatusView
20871Automated Driving System Operation Status AcknowledgementView
20872ADS Manual Mode SupportView
20873ADS Automated Mode with Operator Override SupportView
20874ADS Automated Mode SupportView
20875Trip Drive Energy EconomyView
20876Total Trip Energy ConsumedView
20877HVESS Thermal Management Maintenance SwitchView
20878HVESS Thermal Management Maintenance RequestView