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21161Auxiliary Temperature 3View
21164Engine Fuel Actuator 1 Motor Current DisableView
21165Engine Fuel Actuator 2 Motor Current DisableView
21166Trip Average Load FactorView
21167Total Average Load FactorView
21168ADS Vehicle Speed Control Operation StatusView
21169Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Control Air StatusView
21170Electronic Park Brake Towed Unit Control Air StatusView
21171Electronic Park Brake Occupancy Anti-Roll-Away StatusView
21172Electronic Park Brake Trailer Brake Release StatusView
21173Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Vehicle TypeView
21174Electronic Park Brake Operating ModeView
21175Electronic Park Brake Trailer Override Interlock Service Brake StatusView
21176Electronic Park Brake Trailer Override Interlock Ignition StatusView
21177Electronic Park Brake Trailer Override Interlock Seat Belt Switch StatusView
21178Electronic Park Brake Trailer Override Interlock Door 1 StatusView
21179Electronic Park Brake Trailer Override Interlock Door 2 StatusView
21180Electronic Park Brake Exhaust-at-Speed StatusView
21181Electronic Park Brake Power StatusView
21182Anti-Roll-Away TimerView
21183Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Switch StatusView
21184Electronic Park Brake Towed Unit Switch StatusView
21185Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Control Air PressureView
21186Electronic Park Brake Towed Unit Control Air PressureView
21187Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Circuit Air PressureView
21188Electronic Park Brake Towed Unit Circuit Air PressureView
21189Electronic Park Brake External Request System State Power Unit ApplyView
21190Electronic Park Brake External Request System State Power Unit ReleaseView
21191Electronic Park Brake External Request System State Towed Unit SupplyView
21192Electronic Park Brake External Request System State Towed Unit EvacuateView
21193Electronic Park Brake Active External Control Mode Power UnitView
21194Electronic Park Brake Active External Control Mode Towed UnitView
21195Electronic Park Brake Park-at-Speed External Brake Request StatusView
21196Electronic Park Brake Transmission Neutral Request StatusView
21197Electronic Park Brake Anti-Roll-Away Request System State InhibitView
21198Electronic Park Brake Active External Inhibit Anti-Roll-AwayView
21199Transmission Shift Selector TypeView
21200Synchronized Service DistanceView
21201Synchronized Service Component #1 IdentifierView
21202Synchronized Service Delay/Operational TimeView
21203Synchronized Service Component #2 IdentifierView
21204Synchronized Service Delay/Calendar TimeView
21205Synchronized Service Component #3 IdentifierView
21218Transmission Launch CapabilityView
21219Transmission Gear Shift CapabilityView
21220Transmission Damage Threshold StatusView
21222Hybrid System Electric Operation Remaining PercentageView
21223Transmission 1 Main Oil Pressure StatusView
21224Hybrid System Total Regenerative Braking LevelView
21225Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Used This Operating CycleView
21226Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Used This Operating CycleView
21231ADS Controller 1 Identification 1View
21232ADS Controller 1 Identification 2View
21233ADS Controller 2 Identification 1View
21234ADS Controller 2 Identification 2View
21235ADS Controller 3 Identification 1View
21236ADS Controller 3 Identification 2View
21237ADS Controller 4 Identification 1View
21238ADS Controller 4 Identification 2View
21239Source Address of ADS Controller 1View
21240Receive Port of ADS Controller 1View
21241Receive Port of ADS Controller 2View
21242Source Address of ADS Controller 2View
21243Source Address of ADS Controller 3View
21244Receive Port of ADS Controller 3View
21245Receive Port of ADS Controller 4View
21246Source Address of ADS Controller 4View
21247ADS Controller 1 Communication StatusView
21248ADS Controller 2 Communication StatusView
21249ADS Controller 3 Communication StatusView
21250ADS Controller 4 Communication StatusView
21251Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) Enable SwitchView
21252Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) RequestView
21253Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) Request FeedbackView
21254Transmission Auto-Neutral (Auto-Return) Function StateView
21255Electronic Transmission Control 15 CRCView
21256Electronic Transmission Control 15 CounterView
21263Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode StatusView
21264Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode Real Power SetpointView
21265Frequency Sensitive Mode StatusView
21266Frequency Sensitive Mode Real Power SetpointView
21267Generator Frequency Offset SetpointView
21268Utility Operator Real Power Export Limit StatusView
21269Utility Parallel Voltage-Real Power Curve StatusView
21270Utility Operator Real Power Export Limit PercentageView
21271Utility Parallel Voltage-Real Power Curve Setpoint PercentageView
21272Real Power Active Setpoint SourceView
21273Real Power Ramp Rate SourceView
21274Real Power Setpoint PercentageView
21275Real Power Increase Ramp Rate SetpointView
21276Real Power Decrease Ramp Rate SetpointView
21277Reactive Power Active Setpoint SourceView
21278Reactive Power SetpointView
21279Reactive Power Active Limit SourceView
21280Utility Synchronization StatusView
21281Utility Sychronization Delay TimeView
21282Cab A/C Refrigerant Compressor Suction PressureView
21283Cab A/C Auto Mode SwitchView
21284Cab A/C Maximum Defrost Mode SwitchView
21285Cab A/C Recirculation Mode SwitchView