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21265Frequency Sensitive Mode StatusView
21266Frequency Sensitive Mode Real Power SetpointView
21267Generator Frequency Offset SetpointView
21268Utility Operator Real Power Export Limit StatusView
21269Utility Parallel Voltage-Real Power Curve StatusView
21270Utility Operator Real Power Export Limit PercentageView
21271Utility Parallel Voltage-Real Power Curve Setpoint PercentageView
21272Real Power Active Setpoint SourceView
21273Real Power Ramp Rate SourceView
21274Real Power Setpoint PercentageView
21275Real Power Increase Ramp Rate SetpointView
21276Real Power Decrease Ramp Rate SetpointView
21277Reactive Power Active Setpoint SourceView
21278Reactive Power SetpointView
21279Reactive Power Active Limit SourceView
21280Utility Synchronization StatusView
21281Utility Sychronization Delay TimeView
21282Cab A/C Refrigerant Compressor Suction PressureView
21283Cab A/C Auto Mode SwitchView
21284Cab A/C Maximum Defrost Mode SwitchView
21285Cab A/C Recirculation Mode SwitchView
21286Cab A/C Air Distribution Mode SwitchView
21287HVESS Thermal Event DetectedView
21288HVESS1 Thermal Event DetectedView
21289HVESS2 Thermal Event DetectedView
21290HVESS3 Thermal Event DetectedView
21291HVESS4 Thermal Event DetectedView
21292HVESS5 Thermal Event DetectedView
21293HVESS6 Thermal Event DetectedView
21294HVESS7 Thermal Event DetectedView
21295HVESS8 Thermal Event DetectedView
21296HVESS9 Thermal Event DetectedView
21297HVESS10 Thermal Event DetectedView
21298HVESS11 Thermal Event DetectedView
21299HVESS12 Thermal Event DetectedView
21300HVESS13 Thermal Event DetectedView
21301HVESS14 Thermal Event DetectedView
21302HVESS15 Thermal Event DetectedView
21303HVESS16 Thermal Event DetectedView
21304HVESS17 Thermal Event DetectedView
21305HVESS18 Thermal Event DetectedView
21306HVESS19 Thermal Event DetectedView
21307HVESS20 Thermal Event DetectedView
21308HVESS21 Thermal Event DetectedView
21309HVESS22 Thermal Event DetectedView
21310HVESS23 Thermal Event DetectedView
21311HVESS24 Thermal Event DetectedView
21312HVESS25 Thermal Event DetectedView
21313HVESS26 Thermal Event DetectedView
21314Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Mode RequestView
21315Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Power Percent CommandView
21316Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Coolant Temperature SetpointView
21317Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater ModeView
21318Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Power PercentView
21319Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Output Coolant TemperatureView
21320Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Input Current levelView
21321Fuel Cell Auxiliary Heater Input Voltage levelView
21322Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Speed CommandView
21323Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Percent Speed CommandView
21324Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Enable CommandView
21325Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Speed CommandView
21326Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Percent Speed CommandView
21327Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Enable CommandView
21328Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 SpeedView
21329Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Input VoltageView
21330Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Input CurrentView
21331Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 1 Enable StatusView
21332Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Enable StatusView
21333Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 SpeedView
21334Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Input VoltageView
21335Fuel Cell Coolant Pump 2 Input CurrentView
21336Fuel Cell Enclosure 1 Hydrogen ConcentrationView
21337Fuel Cell Enclosure 2 Hydrogen ConcentrationView
21338Fuel Cell Compartment Hydrogen ConcentrationView
21531High-Voltage Bus Interface 1 Positive Contactor StateView
21532High-Voltage Bus Interface 1 Negative Contactor StateView
21538High-Voltage Bus Interface 2 Positive Contactor StateView
21539High-Voltage Bus Interface 2 Negative Contactor StateView
21545High-Voltage Bus Interface 3 Positive Contactor StateView
21546High-Voltage Bus Interface 3 Negative Contactor StateView
21552High-Voltage Bus Interface 4 Positive Contactor StateView
21553High-Voltage Bus Interface 4 Negative Contactor StateView
21559High-Voltage Bus Interface 5 Positive Contactor StateView
21560High-Voltage Bus Interface 5 Negative Contactor StateView
21566High-Voltage Bus Interface 6 Positive Contactor StateView
21567High-Voltage Bus Interface 6 Negative Contactor StateView
21573High-Voltage Bus Interface 7 Positive Contactor StateView
21574High-Voltage Bus Interface 7 Negative Contactor StateView
21580High-Voltage Bus Interface 8 Positive Contactor StateView
21581High-Voltage Bus Interface 8 Negative Contactor StateView
21788Engine Service Lamp CommandView
21789Engine Service Lamp DataView
21790Engine Cooling Fan Coolant Activation TemperatureView
21791Engine Cooling Fan Intake Manifold Activation TemperatureView
21792Gross Combination Vehicle Weight ConfidenceView
21793Traffic Sign Speed LimitView
21794Transmission 1 Lubrication Oil Pressure StatusView
21842Engine Gaseous Fuel 2 Supply Pressure Regulator Control CommandView
21843Engine Gaseous Fuel 2 Supply Pressure 1View
21844Engine Gaseous Fuel 1 Supply Pressure Regulator Outlet PressureView