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22619HVESP12 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 6 StateView
22620HVESP12 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 7 StateView
22621HVESP12 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 8 StateView
22622In Message Integrity Data SupportedView
22623Total Number of Crank Attempts During Engine LifeView
22624ECU Key Switch StateView
22625Left Transmission Output Shaft Directional SpeedView
22626Right Transmission Output Shaft Directional SpeedView
22627Number of Axle Instances Being Reported (obsolete, use SPN 22253)View
22628Axle Instance (obsolete, use SPN 22254)View
22629Motor/Generator Location (obsolete, use SPN 22255)View
22630Motor/Generator Identification (obsolete, use SPN 22256)View
22631Motor/Generator Rotation (obsolete, use SPN 22257)View
22632Vehicle Segment (obsolete, use SPN 22258)View
22633Trailer Type (obsolete, use SPN 22259)View
22634Engine Crankcase Pressure Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22635Engine Fuel Delivery Pressure Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22636Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation Intake Pressure Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22637Engine Filtered Fuel Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22638Engine Oil Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22639Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22640Engine Intake Air Sensor Module Supply VoltageView
22641Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 3 VoltageView
22642Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 3 CurrentView
22643Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 3 HVIL StatusView
22644Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 2 VoltageView
22645Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 2 CurrentView
22646Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 2 HVIL StatusView
22647Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 VoltageView
22648Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 CurrentView
22649Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 HVIL StatusView
22650Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 VoltageView
22651Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 CurrentView
22652Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 HVIL StatusView
22653Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 VoltageView
22654Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 CurrentView
22655Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 HVIL StatusView
22656Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 VoltageView
22657Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 CurrentView
22658Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 HVIL StatusView
22659Propulsion Motor Oil Pump VoltageView
22660Propulsion Motor Oil Pump CurrentView
22661Propulsion Motor Oil Pump HVIL StatusView
22662Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump VoltageView
22663Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump CurrentView
22664Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump HVIL StatusView
22665Power Electronics Coolant Pump VoltageView
22666Power Electronics Coolant Pump CurrentView
22667Power Electronics Coolant Pump HVIL StatusView
22668Generator Coolant Pump VoltageView
22669Generator Coolant Pump CurrentView
22670Generator Coolant Pump HVIL StatusView
22671Generator Coolant Fan VoltageView
22672Generator Coolant Fan CurrentView
22673Generator Coolant Fan HVIL StatusView
22674Electrified Accessory Motor VoltageView
22675Electrified Accessory Motor CurrentView
22676Electrified Accessory Motor HVIL StatusView
22677Electrified Accessory Motor Instance of Status Data Set 2View
22678Component Diagnostic and Mitigation CapabilityView
22679Charger Command CRCView
22680Charger Command Sequence CounterView
22681Charger Command Target VoltageView
22682Charger Command Target CurrentView
22683Aux Charger Command CRCView
22684Aux Charger Command Sequence CounterView
22685Aux Charger Command Target VoltageView
22686Aux Charger Command Target CurrentView
22687EVSE Contactor CommandView
22688Inlet Contactor StateView
22689EVSE Inlet StateView
22690EVSE Connection TypeView
22691EVSE Communications Physical LayerView
22692Hybrid Multi-Connection DC Charging Voltage MaximumView
22693Hybrid Multi-Connection DC Charging Current MaximumView
22694Hybrid Multi-Connection DC Charging Power MaximumView
22695Hybrid Multi-Connection requested Energy Transfer TypeView
22696EVMCDCLIM2 Extended IDView
22697EV Multi-Connection Bulk State of ChargeView
22698EV Multi-Connection Full State of ChargeView
22699EV Multi-Connection Energy CapacityView
22700EV Multi-Connection Energy RequestedView
22701EVMCDCCIP Extended IDView
22702EV Multi-Connection Bulk Charging CompleteView
22703EV Multi-Connection Full Charging CompleteView
22704EV Multi-Connection Bulk Charge Time RemainingView
22705EV Multi-Connection Full Charge Time RemainingView
22706EV Multi-Connection Departure TimeView
22707EV Multi-Connection Cabin Conditioning FlagView
22708EV Multi-Connection RESS Conditioning FlagView
22709EV Multi-Connection Error CodeView
22710EV Multi-Connection State of ChargeView
22711Engine Maximum Net Torque Map Number of PointsView
22712Engine Maximum Net Torque Map InstanceView
22713Engine Maximum Net Torque Map Active InstanceView
22714Engine Maximum Net Torque Map Active DerateView
22715Engine Reference Net TorqueView
22716Engine Maximum Net Torque Map Speed ValueView
22717Engine Maximum Net Torque Map Torque ValueView
22718Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation Aftercooler Inlet Coolant TemperatureView