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581Transmission Gear RatioView
582Axle WeightView
588Serial NumberView
589Alternator SpeedView
590Engine Idle Shutdown Timer StateView
591Engine Idle Shutdown Timer FunctionView
592Engine Idle Shutdown Timer OverrideView
593Engine Idle Shutdown has Shutdown EngineView
594Engine Idle Shutdown Driver Alert ModeView
595Cruise Control ActiveView
596Cruise Control Enable SwitchView
597Brake SwitchView
598Clutch SwitchView
599Cruise Control Set SwitchView
600Cruise Control Coast (Decelerate) SwitchView
601Cruise Control Resume SwitchView
602Cruise Control Accelerate SwitchView
603Brake Pedal Switch 2View
604Transmission Neutral SwitchView
605Refrigerant High Pressure SwitchView
606Engine Momentary Overspeed EnableView
607Progressive Shift DisableView
619Parking Brake ActuatorView
623Red Stop LampView
624Amber Warning LampView
625Proprietary Network #1View
626Engine Start Enable Device 1View
632Engine Fuel Shutoff 1 ControlView
633Engine Fuel Actuator 1 Control CommandView
635Engine Timing Actuator 1View
639J1939 Network #1, Primary Vehicle NetworkView
641Engine Variable Geometry Turbocharger Actuator #1View
649Engine Exhaust Bank 1 Pressure Regulator Control CommandView
681Transmission Gear Shift Inhibit RequestView
682Transmission Torque Converter Lockup RequestView
683Disengage Driveline RequestView
684Requested Percent Clutch SlipView
685Disengage Differential Lock Request - Front Axle 1View
686Disengage Differential Lock Request - Front Axle 2View
687Disengage Differential Lock Request - Rear Axle 1View
688Disengage Differential Lock Request - Rear Axle 2View
689Disengage Differential Lock Request - CentralView
690Disengage Differential Lock Request - Central FrontView
691Disengage Differential Lock Request - Central RearView
695Engine Override Control ModeView
696Engine Requested Speed Control ConditionsView
701Auxiliary I/O #01View
702Auxiliary I/O #02View
703Auxiliary I/O #03View
704Auxiliary I/O #04View
705Auxiliary I/O #05View
706Auxiliary I/O #06View
707Auxiliary I/O #07View
708Auxiliary I/O #08View
709Auxiliary I/O #09View
710Auxiliary I/O #10View
711Auxiliary I/O #11View
712Auxiliary I/O #12View
713Auxiliary I/O #13View
714Auxiliary I/O #14View
715Auxiliary I/O #15View
716Auxiliary I/O #16View
723Engine Speed 2View
728Engine Oil Cooler Coolant Outlet TemperatureView
740Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Clutch ActuatorView
748Transmission Output RetarderView
767Transmission Reverse Direction SwitchView
768Transmission Range High ActuatorView
769Transmission Range Low ActuatorView
770Transmission Splitter Direct ActuatorView
771Transmission Splitter Indirect ActuatorView
772Transmission Shift Finger Rail Actuator 1View
773Transmission Shift Finger Gear Actuator 1View
778Transmission High Range Sense SwitchView
779Transmission Low Range Sense SwitchView
780Transmission Shift Finger Neutral IndicatorView
781Transmission Shift Finger Engagement IndicatorView
782Transmission Shift Finger Center Rail IndicatorView
783Transmission Shift Finger Rail Actuator 2View
784Transmission Shift Finger Gear Actuator 2View
786Transmission Defuel ActuatorView
787Transmission Inertia Brake ActuatorView
788Transmission Clutch ActuatorView
875Refrigerant Low Pressure SwitchView
897Override Control Mode PriorityView
898Engine Requested Speed/Speed LimitView
899Engine Torque ModeView
900Retarder Torque ModeView
901Retarder TypeView
902Retarder LocationView
903Transmission Forward Direction SwitchView
904Front Axle SpeedView