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905Relative Speed; Front Axle, Left WheelView
906Relative Speed; Front Axle, Right WheelView
907Relative Speed; Rear Axle #1, Left WheelView
908Relative Speed; Rear Axle #1, Right WheelView
909Relative Speed; Rear Axle #2, Left WheelView
910Relative Speed; Rear Axle #2, Right WheelView
911Service Component IdentificationView
912Service Component IdentificationView
913Service Component IdentificationView
914Service DistanceView
915Service Delay/Calendar Time BasedView
916Service Delay/Operational Time BasedView
917Total Vehicle Distance (High Resolution)View
918Trip Distance (High Resolution)View
928Axle LocationView
929Tire LocationView
930Drive Axle LocationView
957Number of Forward Gear RatiosView
958Number of Reverse Gear RatiosView
965Number of Software Identification FieldsView
966Engine Diagnostic Test Mode SwitchView
967Engine Idle Decrement SwitchView
968Engine Idle Increment SwitchView
969Remote Accelerator Enable SwitchView
970Engine Auxiliary Shutdown SwitchView
971Engine Derate SwitchView
972Accelerator Interlock SwitchView
973Engine Retarder SelectionView
974Remote Accelerator Pedal PositionView
975Engine Fan 1 Estimated Percent SpeedView
976PTO Governor StateView
977Fan Drive StateView
978Engine Remote PTO Governor Variable Speed Control SwitchView
979Engine Remote PTO Governor Preprogrammed Speed Control SwitchView
980Engine PTO Governor Enable SwitchView
981Engine PTO Governor Accelerate SwitchView
982Engine PTO Governor Resume SwitchView
983Engine PTO Governor Coast/Decelerate SwitchView
984Engine PTO Governor Set SwitchView
985A/C High Pressure Fan SwitchView
986Engine Fan 1 Requested Percent SpeedView
987Protect LampView
988Trip Group 1View
989Trip Group 2 - ProprietaryView
990Total Compression Brake DistanceView
991Trip Compression Brake DistanceView
992Trip Service Brake DistanceView
993Trip Service Brake ApplicationsView
994Trip Fan On TimeView
995Trip Fan On Time Due to the Engine SystemView
996Trip Fan On Time Due to a Manual SwitchView
997Trip Fan On Time Due to the A/C SystemView
998Trip Distance on VSLView
999Trip Gear Down DistanceView
1000Trip Distance in Top GearView
1001Trip Drive Fuel UsedView
1002Trip PTO Governor Moving Fuel UsedView
1003Trip PTO Governor Non-moving Fuel UsedView
1004Trip Vehicle Idle Fuel UsedView
1005Trip Cruise Fuel UsedView
1006Trip Drive Fuel EconomyView
1007Trip Drive Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1008Trip PTO Governor Moving Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1009Trip PTO Governor Non-moving Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1010Trip Vehicle Idle Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1011Trip Cruise Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1012Trip Drive Fuel Economy (Gaseous)View
1013Trip Maximum Engine SpeedView
1014Trip Average Engine SpeedView
1015Trip Drive Average Load FactorView
1016Total Drive Average Load FactorView
1017Total Engine Cruise TimeView
1018Trip Maximum Vehicle SpeedView
1019Trip Cruise DistanceView
1020Trip Number of Hot ShutdownsView
1021Trip Number of Idle ShutdownsView
1022Trip Number of Idle Shutdown OverridesView
1023Trip Sudden DecelerationsView
1024Trip Time in VSLView
1025Trip Time in Top GearView
1026Trip Time in Gear DownView
1027Trip Time in Derate by EngineView
1028Total Engine PTO Governor Fuel UsedView
1029Trip Average Fuel RateView
1030Total Engine PTO Governor Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1031Trip Average Fuel Rate (Gaseous)View
1032Total ECU DistanceView
1033Total ECU Run TimeView
1034Trip Cruise TimeView
1035Trip PTO Governor TimeView
1036Trip Engine Running TimeView
1037Trip Idle TimeView
1038Trip Air Compressor On TimeView