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1039Trip Fuel (Gaseous)View
1040Total Fuel Used (Gaseous)View
1081Engine Wait to Start LampView
1082Engine Coolant Load IncreaseView
1083Auxiliary I/O Channel #1View
1084Auxiliary I/O Channel #2View
1085Intended Retarder Percent TorqueView
1086Parking and/or Trailer Air PressureView
1087Service Brake Circuit 1 Air PressureView
1088Service Brake Circuit 2 Air PressureView
1089Auxiliary Equipment Supply PressureView
1090Air Suspension Supply Pressure 1View
1091Brake Application Pressure High Range, Front Axle, Left WheelView
1092Brake Application Pressure High Range, Front Axle, Right WheelView
1093Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #1, Left WheelView
1094Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #1, Right WheelView
1095Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #2, Left WheelView
1096Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #2, Right WheelView
1097Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #3, Left WheelView
1098Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #3, Right WheelView
1099Brake Lining Remaining, Front Axle, Left WheelView
1100Brake Lining Remaining, Front Axle, Right WheelView
1101Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #1, Left WheelView
1102Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #1, Right WheelView
1103Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #2, Left WheelView
1104Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #2, Right WheelView
1105Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #3, Left WheelView
1106Brake Lining Remaining, Rear Axle #3, Right WheelView
1107Engine Protection System Timer StateView
1108Engine Protection System Timer OverrideView
1109Engine Protection System Approaching ShutdownView
1110Engine Protection System has Shutdown EngineView
1111Engine Protection System ConfigurationView
1113Recommended GearView
1114Lowest Possible GearView
1115Highest Possible GearView
1116Gaseous Fuel Correction FactorView
1117Engine Desired Rated Exhaust OxygenView
1118Engine Desired Exhaust OxygenView
1119Engine Actual Exhaust 1 OxygenView
1120Articulation AngleView
1121EBS Brake SwitchView
1122Engine Alternator Bearing 1 TemperatureView
1123Engine Alternator Bearing 2 TemperatureView
1124Engine Alternator Winding 1 TemperatureView
1125Engine Alternator Winding 2 TemperatureView
1126Engine Alternator Winding 3 TemperatureView
1127Engine Turbocharger 1 Boost PressureView
1128Engine Turbocharger 2 Boost PressureView
1129Engine Turbocharger 3 Boost PressureView
1130Engine Turbocharger 4 Boost PressureView
1131Engine Intake Manifold 2 TemperatureView
1132Engine Intake Manifold 3 TemperatureView
1133Engine Intake Manifold 4 TemperatureView
1134Engine Charge Air Cooler Thermostat OpeningView
1135Engine Oil Temperature 2View
1136Engine ECU TemperatureView
1137Engine Exhaust Gas Port 1 TemperatureView
1138Engine Exhaust Gas Port 2 TemperatureView
1139Engine Exhaust Gas Port 3 TemperatureView
1140Engine Exhaust Gas Port 4 TemperatureView
1141Engine Exhaust Gas Port 5 TemperatureView
1142Engine Exhaust Gas Port 6 TemperatureView
1143Engine Exhaust Gas Port 7 TemperatureView
1144Engine Exhaust Gas Port 8 TemperatureView
1145Engine Exhaust Gas Port 9 TemperatureView
1146Engine Exhaust Gas Port 10 TemperatureView
1147Engine Exhaust Gas Port 11 TemperatureView
1148Engine Exhaust Gas Port 12 TemperatureView
1149Engine Exhaust Gas Port 13 TemperatureView
1150Engine Exhaust Gas Port 14 TemperatureView
1151Engine Exhaust Gas Port 15 TemperatureView
1152Engine Exhaust Gas Port 16 TemperatureView
1153Engine Exhaust Gas Port 17 TemperatureView
1154Engine Exhaust Gas Port 18 TemperatureView
1155Engine Exhaust Gas Port 19 TemperatureView
1156Engine Exhaust Gas Port 20 TemperatureView
1157Engine Main Bearing 1 TemperatureView
1158Engine Main Bearing 2 TemperatureView
1159Engine Main Bearing 3 TemperatureView
1160Engine Main Bearing 4 TemperatureView
1161Engine Main Bearing 5 TemperatureView
1162Engine Main Bearing 6 TemperatureView
1163Engine Main Bearing 7 TemperatureView
1164Engine Main Bearing 8 TemperatureView
1165Engine Main Bearing 9 TemperatureView
1166Engine Main Bearing 10 TemperatureView
1167Engine Main Bearing 11 TemperatureView
1168Engine Turbocharger Lube Oil Pressure 2View
1169Engine Turbocharger 2 SpeedView
1170Engine Turbocharger 3 SpeedView
1171Engine Turbocharger 4 SpeedView
1172Engine Turbocharger 1 Compressor Intake TemperatureView
1173Engine Turbocharger 2 Compressor Intake TemperatureView
1174Engine Turbocharger 3 Compressor Intake TemperatureView
1175Engine Turbocharger 4 Compressor Intake TemperatureView
1176Engine Turbocharger 1 Compressor Intake PressureView
1177Engine Turbocharger 2 Compressor Intake PressureView
1178Engine Turbocharger 3 Compressor Intake PressureView
1179Engine Turbocharger 4 Compressor Intake PressureView