Details for DDEntity "178 - Element Type Instance"

178 - Element Type Instance Request changes
DefinitionThis DDI is used to enumerate and identify multiple device elements (DET) of the same type within one Device Description object pool. The value of this DDI is independent of the DET number. The combination of device element type and value of Element Type Instance ETI represents a unique object inside the device description object pool and therefore shall exist only once per object pool. Recommendation: The definition of the device elements should be made from left to right direction or from front to back direction. When in a matrix, count left-to-right first, then front-to-back and at last top-to-bottom. See attachment for more information.
CommentThis DDE allows the system to communicate with a device element object independent of the device element number. The same tank of a seeder for instance could have various device element numbers based upon the DDD. The DDD structure may change during setup the implement. In this case a unique implement tank might has a different element number as before. Particular if the Task Controller (TC) use a user interface to display and change data by the operator. Therefore the TC needs clear or rather unique device element information. Assign this DDE for instance to a DET of type bin. This number can be displayed to the operator while it may be printed physically at the bin. The ETI number range from 0 to 65533 inside the object pool corresponds to a displayed value from 1 to 65534 on a user interface or physical device. Note: for a more detailed description please look at the attachment of DDI 179 - "Actual Cultural Practice"
Typically used by Device Class(es) - Not Assigned
Unit Symboln.a. - not applicable
Bit Resolution1
CANBus Range0 to 65533
Display Range0 to 65533
Submit Date2010-01-15
Submit ByMatthias Meyer
Submit Company33 - John Deere
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