Details for DDEntity "215 - Lifetime Working Hours"

215 - Lifetime Working Hours Request changes
DefinitionThe number of working hours of a device element over its entire lifetime. This DDE value can not be set through the process data interface but can be requested and added to a datalog.
CommentThe recommended use of this DDE is to be transmitted on a request basis only. The Lifetime Working Hours is the overall time when the device was turned on. This total does not refer to an application controlled by a Task Controller. Therefore this DDE shall not be setable within the device description and neither shall the device reset the value when the task status changed. It is up to the device control system when to reset this value. The Working Set Master shall support the total trigger method for this DDE but shall not support the setable property. The Task Controller can request and store this DDE at the end of a task. But it shall not set this DDE when the task is resumed. Note: unit is h and the bit resolution is 0.05 h/bit, this aligns the resolution and range with similar SPNs as defined in SAE J1939-71.
Typically used by Device Class(es) 0 - Non-specific system
1 - Tractor
2 - Primary Soil Tillage
3 - Secondary Soil Tillage
4 - Planters /Seeders
5 - Fertilizer
6 - Sprayers
7 - Harvesters
8 - Root Harvester
9 - Forage harvester
10 - Irrigation
11 - Transport / Trailers
12 - Farmyard Work
13 - Powered Auxilary Units
14 - Special Crops
15 - Municipal Work
17 - Sensor System
Unit Symbolh -
Bit Resolution0,05
CANBus Range0 to 210554060,75
Display Range0,0 to 10527703,038
Submit Date2011-04-30
Submit ByJaap van Bergeijk
Submit CompanyAGCO
Revision Number1
Current StatusISO-Approved
Status Date2011-04-30
Status Comments
2011-04-30: ISO-Approved