Details for DDEntity "304 - Setpoint Condensed Work State (225-240)"

304 - Setpoint Condensed Work State (225-240) Request changes
DefinitionThe Setpoint Condensed Work State DDIs are the control command counterparts to the Condensed Work States DDIs (161 – 176). The value is a combination of the setpoint work states of individual sections or units (e.g. nozzles) number 225 to 240 into a single setpoint work state of their parent device element. The setpoint condensed work state contains the child element setpoint work states, in the driving direction from left to right, where the leftmost child element setpoint work state are the 2 lowest significant bits of the Process Data Value. Each child device elements setpoint work state is represented by 2 bits and defined as: 00 = disable/off, 01 = enable/on, 10 = error indicator, 11 = no change. In total 16 child device element setpoint work states can be contained in one setpoint condensed work state of their parent device element. If less than 16 child device element setpoint work states are available, then the unused bits shall be set to value 11 (no change). When the parent device element contains the Setpoint Condensed Work State DDE, then the device descriptor shall not contain the individual setpoint work state DDEs in the child device elements.
CommentSee the Setpoint Work State DDI (289) attachment for backwards compatibility and implementation guidelines.
Typically used by Device Class(es) 1 - Tractor
2 - Primary Soil Tillage
3 - Secondary Soil Tillage
4 - Planters /Seeders
5 - Fertilizer
6 - Sprayers
7 - Harvesters
8 - Root Harvester
9 - Forage harvester
10 - Irrigation
14 - Special Crops
Unit Symboln.a. - not applicable
Bit Resolution1
CANBus Range0 to 4294967295
Display Range0 to 4294967295
Submit Date2012-01-19
Submit ByJaap van Bergeijk
Submit CompanyAGCO corporation
Revision Number1
Current StatusISO-Published
Status Date2012-04-02
Status Comments
2012-04-02: ISO-Published
2012-01-19: Request Pending