Details for DDEntity "507 - Tramline Sequence Number"

507 - Tramline Sequence Number Request changes
DefinitionThis DDI defines a group of DDIs which belong together.
CommentIn order to ensure that the parameters “Unique A-B Guidance Reference Line ID”, “Actual Track Number”, “Track Number to the right” and “Track Number the left” are belonging together, the Tramline Sequence Number is needed. This parameter has to be sent from the Tramline Controller to indicate a new Tramline Sequence to the Implement. This number shall start with value 1 and increase on every new Tramline Sequence which is going to be sent. These Parameters are only allowed to be sent in a group, except the Unique A-B Guidance Reference Line ID. If one of the parameters is missing, the Tramline Sequence would be invalid. In case the Unique A-B Guidance Reference Line ID shall be part of the Tramline Sequence, this value shall be sent as first value after the Tramline Sequence Number and before other values. It is recommended to send all values belonging to one Tramline Sequence within 500 ms. For more details see also attachment on DDI 505.
Typically used by Device Class(es) 4 - Planters /Seeders
Unit Symboln.a. - not applicable
Bit Resolution1
CANBus Range0 to 2147483647
Display Range0 to 2147483647
Submit Date2015-12-10
Submit ByKarsten Helweg
Submit CompanyCompetence Center ISOBUS e.V.
Revision Number1
Current StatusISO-Published
Status Date2016-09-01
Status Comments
2016-09-01: ISO-Published
2015-12-10: Request Pending