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Industry GroupVehicle SystemVehicle System DescriptionFunctionFunction Description 
217Sensor Systems128Guidance FeelerView
217Sensor Systems129Camera SystemView
217Sensor Systems130Crop Scouting View
217Sensor Systems131Material Properties SensingView
217Sensor Systems132Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)View
217Sensor Systems133Product flowView
217Sensor Systems134Product Level View
217Sensor Systems135Product MassView
217Sensor Systems136Vibration/KnockView
217Sensor Systems137Weather InstrumentsView
217Sensor Systems138Soil ScoutingView
31Skid Steer Loader128Main ControllerView
31Skid Steer Loader255Not AvailableView
216Skidder132Skidder Machine ControlView
216Skidder255Not AvailableView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators128Slurry/Manure Rate ControlView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators129Section On/Off ControlView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators130Product PressureView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators132Slurry/Manure Machine ControlView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators133Product FlowView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators134Product LevelView
225Slurry/Manure Applicators135Boom Height ControlView
214Special Crops132Special Crop Machine ControlView
214Special Crops255Not AvailableView
26Sprayers128Spray Rate ControlView
26Sprayers129Section On/Off ControlView
26Sprayers130Product PressureView
26Sprayers131Position ControlView
26Sprayers132Sprayers Machine ControlView
26Sprayers133Product FlowView
26Sprayers134Product LevelView
26Sprayers135Boom Height ControlView
26Sprayers136Frame ControlView
26Sprayers255Not AvailableView
440Steering systems130Follow-up ControllerView
440Steering systems140Mode ControllerView
440Steering systems150Automatic Steering ControllerView
440Steering systems160Heading SensorsView
410System tools255Not AvailableView
22Tillage132Tillage Machine ControlView
22Tillage135Tillage Depth ControlView
22Tillage136Frame ControlView
22Tillage255Not AvailableView
219Timber Harvesters132Timber Harvestors Machine ControlView
221Timber Loaders132Timber Loaders Machine ControlView
222Timber Processing Machines132Timber Processing Machine ControlView
11Tractor128Forward Road Image ProcessingView
11Tractor129Fifth Wheel Smart SystemView
11Tractor130Catalyst Fluid SensorView
11Tractor131Adaptive Front Lighting SystemView
11Tractor132Idle Control SystemView
11Tractor133User Interface SystemView
11Tractor255Not AvailableView
21Tractor129Auxiliary Valve ControlView
21Tractor130Rear Hitch ControlView
21Tractor131Front Hitch ControlView
21Tractor132Tractor Machine ControlView
21Tractor134Center Hitch ControlView
21Tractor255Not AvailableView
12Trailer255Not AvailableView
211Transport/Trailer132Transport Machine ControlView
211Transport/Trailer136Unload ControlView
211Transport/Trailer255Not AvailableView
224Utility Vehicles132Utility Machine ControlView
227Weeders - Non-chemical weed control. The device class Weeders is used by devices that control and eliminate weeds through the use of operation techniques other than spraying. Examples of non-spraying operation techniques for weed control are the use of mechanical actuators or hoes or the transfer of energy from electrical and irradiation sources or a combination of those.132Weeder Machine ControlView