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Industry GroupVehicle SystemVehicle System DescriptionFunctionFunction Description 
   1Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)View
50 132Well Stimulation PumpView
   93 View
   92Current SensorView
   91Accessory Electric Motor ControllerView
   90Vehicle Adapter Communication Controller (VACC)View
   89Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC)View
   88Electric Power ConverterView
   87Driver Impairment DeviceView
   86EV Communication ControllerView
   85Engine Injection Control ModuleView
   84Start Aid DeviceView
   82File ServerView
   81Hydraulic PowertrainView
   80Electric PowertrainView
   79Power Systems ManagerView
   78Fire Suppression SystemView
   77Fuel Properties SensorView
   76Temperature SensorView
   75Supplemental FanView
   74Lubrication SystemView
   73Rollover Detection ControlView
   72Coolant Valve ControllerView
   71Transfer Case ControlView
   70Auxiliary Regeneration DeviceView
   69Engine Emission Aftertreatment SystemView
   68Aftertreatment system gas measurementView
   67Electrical System ControllerView
   66I/O ControllerView
   65Gas Flow MeasurementView
   64Endurance BrakingView
   63Engine Valve ControllerView
   62On-Board Diagnostic UnitView
   61File Server / PrinterView
   60Cab DisplayView
   58Fan Drive ControlView
   57Steering Column UnitView
   56Communications Unit, RadioView
   55Communications Unit, SatelliteView
   54Communications Unit, CellularView
   53Alternator/Charging SystemView
   52Chassis ControllerView
   51Forward-Looking Collision Warning SystemView
   50Auxiliary HeaterView
   49Clutch/Converter ControlView
   47Information System ControllerView
   2Electric Propulsion ControlView
   4Battery Pack MonitorView
   5Shift Control/ConsoleView
   6Power TakeOff - (Main or Rear)View
   7Axle - SteeringView
   8Axle - DriveView
   9Brakes - System ControllerView
   10Brakes - Steer AxleView
   11Brakes - Drive axleView
   12Retarder - EngineView
   13Retarder - DrivelineView
   14Cruise ControlView
   15Fuel SystemView
   16Steering ControllerView
   17Suspension - Steer AxleView
   18Suspension - Drive AxleView
   19Instrument ClusterView
   20Trip RecorderView
   21Cab Climate ControlView
   22Aerodynamic ControlView
   23Vehicle NavigationView
   24Vehicle SecurityView
   26Body ControllerView
   25Network Interconnect ECUView
   48Ramp ControlView
   46Oil Sensor UnitView
   45Vehicle Dynamic Stability ControlView
   44Exhaust Emission ControlView
   43Transmission DisplayView
   42Water Pump ControlView
   41Lighting - Operator ControlsView
   40Seat ControlView
   39Ignition Control ModuleView
   38Tire Pressure ControlView
   36Pneumatic - System ControllerView
   35Suspension - System ControllerView
   34Hydraulic Pump ControllerView
   33System MonitorView
   32Headway ControllerView
   31Propulsion Battery ChargerView
   30Management ComputerView
   29Virtual Terminal (in cab)View
   28Off Vehicle GatewayView
   27Power TakeOff (Secondary or Front)View
   37Cab ControllerView
32Articulated Dump Truck255Not AvailableView
33Backhoe255Not AvailableView
311Binding Agent Spreader255Not AvailableView
470Communications systems140Automatic Identification SystemView
470Communications systems180Radio-Telephone (MF/HF)View