PG LabelSecondary or Front Power Take off Output Shaft
PG AcronymFPTO
PG NotesMessage that provides the measurement of the current secondary or front power take-off (PTO) output shaft parameters.
Pgn Notes-
Transmission Rate100 ms when engaged, otherwise on request
PG Data Length8
Default Priority3
PG ReferenceNot set
Sp Start Bit1.1
PG DocumentISO 11783-7
PG Created or Modified Date2011-02-03
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. Date2000-08-10

Linked SPNs

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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
1882Front PTO output shaft speed1-216 bits0.125 1/min/bit0View
1884Front PTO Output Shaft Speed Set Point3-416 bits0.125 1/min/bit0View
5152Front PTO engagement request status5.12 bits4 states/2 bit0View
1891Front Power Take Off Economy Mode5.32 bits4 states/2 bit0View
1889Front Power Take Off Mode5.52 bits4 states/2 bit0View
1888Front Power Take Off Engagement5.72 bits4 states/2 bit0View
5155Front PTO shaft speed limit status 6.23 bits8 states/3 bit0View
5154Front PTO Economy mode request status6.52 bits4 states/2 bit0View
5153Front PTO mode request status 6.72 bits4 states/2 bit0View
5817Front PTO exit/reason code7.16 bits64 states/6 bit0View