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PGNPGN DescriptionSPNSPN Name 
0See for details695Engine Override Control Mode
0See for details696Engine Requested Speed Control Conditions
0See for details897Override Control Mode Priority
0See for details898Engine Requested Speed/Speed Limit
0See for details518Engine Requested Torque/Torque Limit
0See for details3349TSC1 Transmission Rate
0See for details3350TSC1 Control Purpose
0See for details4191Engine Requested Torque (Fractional)
0See for details4206Message Counter
0See for details4207Message Checksum
256See for details681Transmission Gear Shift Inhibit Request
256See for details682Transmission Torque Converter Lockup Request
256See for details683Disengage Driveline Request
256See for details4242Transmission Reverse Gear Shift Inhibit Request
256See for details684Requested Percent Clutch Slip
256See for details525Transmission Requested Gear
256See for details685Disengage Differential Lock Request - Front Axle 1
256See for details686Disengage Differential Lock Request - Front Axle 2
256See for details687Disengage Differential Lock Request - Rear Axle 1
256See for details688Disengage Differential Lock Request - Rear Axle 2
256See for details689Disengage Differential Lock Request - Central
256See for details690Disengage Differential Lock Request - Central Front
256See for details691Disengage Differential Lock Request - Central Rear
256See for details5762Transmission Load Reduction Inhibit Request
256See for details1852Transmission Mode 1
256See for details1853Transmission Mode 2
256See for details1854Transmission Mode 3
256See for details1855Transmission Mode 4
256See for details7695Transmission Auto-Neutral (Manual Return) Request
256See for details4255Transmission Requested Launch Gear
256See for details2985Transmission Shift Selector Display Mode Switch
256See for details4246Transmission Mode 5
256See for details4247Transmission Mode 6
256See for details4248Transmission Mode 7
256See for details4249Transmission Mode 8
512See for details0N/AView
768See for details0N/AView
1024See for details2920External Acceleration Demand
1024See for details2914XBR EBI Mode
1024See for details2915XBR Priority
1024See for details2916XBR Control Mode
1024See for details15201XBR Compensation Mode
1024See for details4099XBR urgency
1024See for details15263XBR Brake Hold Request
1024See for details3189XBR Message Counter
1024See for details3188XBR Message Checksum
1280See for details0N/AView
1536See for details0N/AView
1792See for details4086Valve Load Sense Pressure
1792See for details4087Valve Pilot Pressure
1792See for details4088Valve Assembly Load sense Pressure
1792See for details4089Valve Assembly Supply Pressure
2048See for details4155Auxiliary I/O Channel #6
2048See for details4156Auxiliary I/O Channel #5
2048See for details4157Auxiliary I/O Channel #4
2048See for details4158Auxiliary I/O Channel #3
2304See for details5582Static Roll Angle
2304See for details5583Static Roll Angle Status
2560See for details5603Cruise Control Disable Command
2560See for details5604Cruise Control Resume Command
2560See for details5605Cruise Control Pause Command
2560See for details9843Cruise Control Set Command
2560See for details8438Idle Speed Request
2560See for details8439Idle Control Enable State
2560See for details8440Idle Control Request Activation
2560See for details9569Remote Road Speed Limit Request
2816See for details5681Driver activation demand for Advanced Emergency Braking System
2816See for details5682AEBS2 message Counter
2816See for details5683AEBS2 message checksum
3072See for details28Accelerator Pedal 3 Position
3072See for details7847Ready For Clutch Engagement Status
3072See for details7844Engine Clutch Engage Request Status
3328See for details6569Transmission Mode 9
3328See for details6570Transmission Mode 10
3328See for details11751Transmission Pre-Defined Maximum Gear Activation Request
3328See for details11752Transmission Output Shaft Brake Request
3328See for details11753Transmission Requested Reverse Launch Gear
3328See for details11754Selected Maximum Gear Limit Activation Request
3328See for details12949Transmission Mode 11
3328See for details12950Transmission Mode 12
3328See for details12951Transmission Mode 13
3328See for details12952Transmission Mode 14
3328See for details12953Transmission Mode 15
3328See for details12954Transmission Mode 16
3328See for details12955Transmission Mode 17
3328See for details12956Transmission Mode 18
3328See for details12957Transmission Mode 19
3328See for details12958Transmission Mode 20
3328See for details13072Disengage Differential Lock Request - Rear Axle 3
3584See for details9381SHM VersionView
3584See for details9382Sequence NumberView
3584See for details9383SDM Data CRCView
3584See for details9384Inverted SDM Source AddressView
3584See for details9385Inverted SDM PS ValueView
3584See for details9386Inverted SDM PF ValueView
3584See for details9387Inverted SDM Data PageView
3584See for details9388Inverted SDM Extended Data PageView
3584See for details9389Inverted SDM PriorityView
3840See for details15269HVESP11 High-Voltage Bus Connect Command
3840See for details15270HVESP11 Power-Down Command