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PGNPGN DescriptionSPNSPN Name 
39936See for details4174Auxiliary I/O Channel #19
40192See for details4159Auxiliary I/O Channel #10
40192See for details4160Auxiliary I/O Channel #9
40192See for details4161Auxiliary I/O Channel #8
40192See for details4162Auxiliary I/O Channel #7
40192See for details4163Auxiliary I/O Channel #14
40192See for details4164Auxiliary I/O Channel #13
40192See for details4165Auxiliary I/O Channel #12
40192See for details4166Auxiliary I/O Channel #11
40448See for details4104Emission-Related Pending DTC CountView
40448See for details4105All Pending DTC CountView
40448See for details4106Emission-Related MIL-On DTC CountView
40448See for details4107Emission-Related Previously MIL-On Diagnostic Trouble Codes CountView
40448See for details4108Emission-Related Permanent DTC CountView
40704See for details987Protect LampView
40704See for details624Amber Warning LampView
40704See for details623Red Stop LampView
40704See for details1213Malfunction Indicator LampView
40704See for details3041Flash Protect LampView
40704See for details3040Flash Amber Warning Lamp (AWL)View
40704See for details3039Flash Red Stop Lamp (RSL)View
40704See for details3038Flash Malfunction Indicator LampView
40704See for details1214Suspect Parameter NumberView
40704See for details1215Failure Mode IdentifierView
40704See for details1216Occurrence CountView
40704See for details1706SPN Conversion MethodView
40960See for details4129NOx NTE Deficiency Area StatusView
40960See for details4128Manufacturer-specific NOx NTE Limited Testing Region StatusView
40960See for details4127NOx NTE Control Area StatusView
40960See for details4132PM NTE Deficiency Area StatusView
40960See for details4131Manufacturer-specific PM NTE Limited Testing Region StatusView
40960See for details4130PM NTE Control Area StatusView
41216See for details4124EI-AECD NumberView
41216See for details4125EI-AECD Engine Hours Timer 1View
41216See for details4126EI-AECD Engine Hours Timer 2View
41472See for details1214Suspect Parameter NumberView
41472See for details1215Failure Mode IdentifierView
41472See for details4121DTCx Total Active TimeView
41472See for details4122DTCx Total Previously Active TimeView
41472See for details4123DTCx Time Until DerateView
41728See for details1214Suspect Parameter NumberView
41728See for details1215Failure Mode IdentifierView
41728See for details1216Occurrence CountView
41728See for details1706SPN Conversion MethodView
41728See for details4116DTCx Protect Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4115DTCx Amber Warning Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4114DTCx Red Stop Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4113DTCx Malfunction Indicator Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4120DTCx Flash Protect Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4119DTCx Flash Amber Warning Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4118DTCx Flash Red Stop Lamp Support & StatusView
41728See for details4117DTCx Flash Malfunction Indicator Lamp Support & StatusView
41984See for details1224Test IdentifierView
41984See for details1214Suspect Parameter NumberView
41984See for details1215Failure Mode IdentifierView
41984See for details4109SLOT IdentifierView
41984See for details4110Test ValueView
41984See for details4111Test Limit MaximumView
41984See for details4112Test Limit MinimumView
42240See for details3907Auxiliary I/O #84
42240See for details3906Auxiliary I/O #83
42240See for details3905Auxiliary I/O #82
42240See for details3904Auxiliary I/O #81
42240See for details3911Auxiliary I/O #88
42240See for details3910Auxiliary I/O #87
42240See for details3909Auxiliary I/O #86
42240See for details3908Auxiliary I/O #85
42240See for details3915Auxiliary I/O #92
42240See for details3914Auxiliary I/O #91
42240See for details3913Auxiliary I/O #90
42240See for details3912Auxiliary I/O #89
42240See for details3919Auxiliary I/O #96
42240See for details3918Auxiliary I/O #95
42240See for details3917Auxiliary I/O #94
42240See for details3916Auxiliary I/O #93
42240See for details3923Auxiliary I/O #100
42240See for details3922Auxiliary I/O #99
42240See for details3921Auxiliary I/O #98
42240See for details3920Auxiliary I/O #97
42240See for details3927Auxiliary I/O #104
42240See for details3926Auxiliary I/O #103
42240See for details3925Auxiliary I/O #102
42240See for details3924Auxiliary I/O #101
42240See for details3931Auxiliary I/O #108
42240See for details3930Auxiliary I/O #107
42240See for details3929Auxiliary I/O #106
42240See for details3928Auxiliary I/O #105
42240See for details3935Auxiliary I/O #112
42240See for details3934Auxiliary I/O #111
42240See for details3933Auxiliary I/O #110
42240See for details3932Auxiliary I/O #109
42496See for details3875Auxiliary I/O #52
42496See for details3874Auxiliary I/O #51
42496See for details3873Auxiliary I/O #50
42496See for details3872Auxiliary I/O #49
42496See for details3879Auxiliary I/O #56
42496See for details3878Auxiliary I/O #55
42496See for details3877Auxiliary I/O #54
42496See for details3876Auxiliary I/O #53
42496See for details3883Auxiliary I/O #60