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PGNPGN DescriptionSPNSPN Name 
29696See for details8054Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 2 Percent Speed Command
29952See for details8039Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Enable Command
29952See for details8040Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Power Hold
29952See for details8041Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Speed Command
29952See for details8042Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Percent Speed Command
30208See for details8027Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 Enable Command
30208See for details8028Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 Power Hold
30208See for details8029Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 Speed Command
30208See for details8030Power Electronics Coolant Fan 3 Percent Speed Command
30464See for details8015Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 Enable Command
30464See for details8016Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 Power Hold
30464See for details8017Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 Speed Command
30464See for details8018Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 Percent Speed Command
30720See for details8003Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 Enable Command
30720See for details8004Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 Power Hold
30720See for details8005Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 Speed Command
30720See for details8006Power Electronics Coolant Fan 1 Percent Speed Command
30976See for details7991Propulsion Motor Oil Pump Enable Command
30976See for details7992Propulsion Motor Oil Pump Power Hold
30976See for details7993Propulsion Motor Oil Pump Speed Command
30976See for details7994Propulsion Motor Oil Pump Percent Speed Command
31232See for details7979Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump Enable Command
31232See for details7980Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump Power Hold
31232See for details7981Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump Speed Command
31232See for details7982Propulsion Motor Coolant Pump Percent Speed Command
31488See for details7967Power Electronics Coolant Pump Enable Command
31488See for details7968Power Electronics Coolant Pump Power Hold
31488See for details7969Power Electronics Coolant Pump Speed Command
31488See for details7970Power Electronics Coolant Pump Percent Speed Command
32000See for details7943Electrified Accessory Motor Enable Command
32000See for details7944Electrified Accessory Motor Power Hold
32000See for details7945Electrified Accessory Motor Speed Command
32000See for details7946Electrified Accessory Motor Percent Speed Command
32000See for details8292Electrified Accessory Motor 1
32000See for details8293Electrified Accessory Motor 2
32000See for details8294Electrified Accessory Motor 3
32000See for details8295Electrified Accessory Motor 4
32000See for details8296Electrified Accessory Motor 5
32000See for details8297Electrified Accessory Motor 6
32000See for details8298Electrified Accessory Motor 7
32000See for details8299Electrified Accessory Motor 8
32000See for details8300Electrified Accessory Motor 9
32000See for details8301Electrified Accessory Motor 10
32000See for details8302Electrified Accessory Motor 11
32000See for details8303Electrified Accessory Motor 12
32000See for details8304Electrified Accessory Motor 13
32000See for details8305Electrified Accessory Motor 14
32000See for details8306Electrified Accessory Motor 15
32256See for details7760Requested Engine Speed Acceleration Rate Limit
32256See for details7761Requested Engine Speed Deceleration Rate Limit
32512See for details7583Number of Tire Sensors
32512See for details7584Tire Number
32512See for details7585Tire Location
32512See for details7586Tire Sensor Identification Number
32768See for details7557Hybrid System Protection Override Request
32768See for details7558Hybrid System Propulsion Disable Request
32768See for details7559Hybrid System Regenerative Braking Disable Request
32768See for details7560Hybrid System Shutdown Command
32768See for details7888Operator Vehicle Mode Request
32768See for details7889Hybrid Propulsion Mode Request
32768See for details7890External Energy Source Connection Demand
32768See for details10148HVES Charge Consent
32768See for details13154Connected Energy Source Type
32768See for details7891Stored Energy Source Charge/Discharge Rate Request
32768See for details7892Stored Energy Source Set Point Request
32768See for details9706Hybrid Propulsion Mode Requested Maximum Speed
32768See for details9707Hybrid Propulsion Mode Requested Distance
33024See for details7331Aftertreatment Thermal Management Inhibit Request
33024See for details7515Request to Permit DEF Hydraulic Stiffness Check
33024See for details7516Request to Permit SCR Dosing Test Injection
33024See for details7851Aftertreatment System Enable Status
33024See for details8149Aftertreatment Diesel Exhaust Fluid Doser Ready Status
33280See for details6973Tire Location
33280See for details6974Cold Inflation Pressure Setting
33280See for details6975Under Pressure Percentage Threshold Setting
33280See for details6976Extreme Under Pressure Percentage Threshold Setting
33280See for details6977Over Pressure Percentage Threshold Setting
33280See for details6978Over Temperature Setting
33280See for details7587Tire Sensor Enable Setting
33536See for details6871Payload Calibration Set Point Command
33536See for details6872Payload Calibration Commanded Weight
33536See for details6873Payload Correction Factor Command
33792See for details6782Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Shutdown Request
33792See for details6783Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Regeneration Request
33792See for details6784Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Dewpoint
33792See for details6785Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Exhaust Temperature
33792See for details6829Aftertreatment 1 Particulate Sensor Exhaust Velocity
34048See for details6730Engine Fan 2 Requested Percent Speed
34048See for details6874Performance Bias Selection
34048See for details6881SCR Operator Inducement Override Switch
34048See for details7033Heat Exchanger Debris Purge Inhibit Switch
34048See for details7034Heat Exchanger Debris Purge Force Switch
34048See for details7436Predictive Cruise Control Enable Switch
34048See for details7437Predictive Cruise Control Deactivation Request
34048See for details7759Engine Stop-Start Disable Command
34048See for details7579Elevated Engine Speed Allowed Switch
34048See for details7580Aftertreatment Regeneration Engine Speed Allowed Switch
34048See for details7438Predictive Cruise Control Maximum Positive Offset
34048See for details7439Predictive Cruise Control Maximum Negative Offset
34048See for details7694Transmission Auto-Neutral (Manual Return) Enable Switch