SP NameNumber of Members in Working Set
SP DescriptionA particular working set is identified by the NAME of the working set master, which is associated with the source address (SA) of the message containing this parameter. No member (as identified by a specific NAME, not by CF) may belong to more than one working set at a time. See ISO 117831 and ISO 117836.
Sp NotesNot set
Has Attachmentno
SP Historical Remarks-
SP Historical Attachmentno
From 2015/20192015
SP Length8 bits
Scaling1 count/bit
Data Range0 to 250
Operational RangeNot set
Slot Identifier129
Slot NameSAEct02
SP TypeMeasured
SP ReferenceNot set
Scale Factor (value only)1
Offset (value only)0
Range maximum (value only)250
Length minimum (value only)8
Length maximum (value only)8
SP DocumentISO 11783-7
PG Created or Modified Date2000-08-10
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. Date2000-08-10

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