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20Engine Coolant Pressure 1 (Extended Range)View
22Engine Extended Crankcase Blow-by PressureView
27Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 Valve PositionView
28Accelerator Pedal 3 PositionView
29Accelerator Pedal 2 PositionView
32Transmission Splitter PositionView
38Fuel Level 2View
39Tire Pressure Check IntervalView
46Pneumatic Supply PressureView
51Engine Throttle Valve 1 Position 1View
52Engine Intercooler TemperatureView
53Transmission Synchronizer Clutch ValueView
54Transmission Synchronizer Brake ValueView
59Transmission Shift Finger Gear PositionView
60Transmission Shift Finger Rail PositionView
69Two Speed Axle SwitchView
70Parking Brake SwitchView
72Engine Blower Bypass Valve PositionView
73Auxiliary Pump PressureView
74Maximum Vehicle Speed LimitView
75Steering Axle TemperatureView
79Road Surface TemperatureView
80Washer Fluid LevelView
81Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Intake Pressure (use SPN 3609)View
82Engine Air Start PressureView
84Wheel-Based Vehicle SpeedView
86Cruise Control Set SpeedView
87Cruise Control High Set Limit SpeedView
88Cruise Control Operator Low Set Limit SpeedView
90Power Takeoff Oil TemperatureView
91Accelerator Pedal 1 PositionView
92Engine Percent Load At Current SpeedView
94Engine Fuel Delivery PressureView
95Engine Fuel Filter Differential PressureView
96Fuel Level 1View
97Water In Fuel Indicator 1View
98Engine Oil LevelView
99Engine Oil Filter Differential PressureView
100Engine Oil Pressure 1View
101Engine Crankcase Pressure 1View
102Engine Intake Manifold #1 PressureView
103Engine Turbocharger 1 SpeedView
104Engine Turbocharger Lube Oil Pressure 1View
105Engine Intake Manifold 1 TemperatureView
106Engine Intake Air PressureView
107Engine Air Filter 1 Differential PressureView
108Barometric PressureView
109Engine Coolant Pressure 1View
110Engine Coolant TemperatureView
111Engine Coolant Level 1View
112Engine Coolant Filter Differential PressureView
114SLI Battery 1 Net CurrentView
115Alternator CurrentView
116Brake Application PressureView
117Brake Primary PressureView
118Brake Secondary PressureView
119Hydraulic Retarder PressureView
120Hydraulic Retarder Oil TemperatureView
123Transmission Clutch 1 PressureView
124Transmission Oil Level 1View
126Transmission Filter Differential PressureView
127Transmission 1 Oil PressureView
132Engine Intake Air Mass Flow RateView
136Auxiliary Vacuum Pressure ReadingView
137Auxiliary Gage Pressure Reading 1View
138Auxiliary Absolute Pressure ReadingView
141Trailer, Tag Or Push Channel Tire Pressure TargetView
142Drive Channel Tire Pressure TargetView
143Steer Channel Tire Pressure TargetView
144Trailer, Tag Or Push Channel Tire PressureView
145Drive Channel Tire PressureView
146Steer Channel Tire PressureView
156Engine Fuel 1 Injector Timing Rail 1 PressureView
157Engine Fuel 1 Injector Metering Rail 1 PressureView
158Key Switch Battery PotentialView
159Engine Gaseous Fuel Supply Pressure 1View
160Transmission Intermediate Shaft SpeedView
161Transmission Input Shaft SpeedView
162Transmission Requested RangeView
163Transmission Current RangeView
164Engine Fuel Injection Control PressureView
165Compass BearingView
166Engine Rated PowerView
167Charging System Potential (Voltage)View
168Battery Potential / Power Input 1View
169Cargo Ambient TemperatureView
170Cab Interior TemperatureView
171Ambient Air TemperatureView
172Engine Intake 1 Air TemperatureView
173Engine Exhaust TemperatureView
174Engine Fuel 1 Temperature 1View
175Engine Oil Temperature 1View
176Engine Turbocharger 1 Oil TemperatureView
177Transmission 1 Oil Temperature 1View
180Trailer WeightView
181Cargo WeightView
182Engine Trip FuelView
183Engine Fuel RateView
184Engine Instantaneous Fuel EconomyView
185Engine Average Fuel EconomyView