SP NameSeconds
SP DescriptionThese three parameters provide the current time at the Universal Time Coordinate (UTC). If the local hour offset parameter (A.4) is equal to 125 (0xFA), then the time parameter is the local time instead of UTC.
Sp NotesNot set
Has Attachmentno
SP Historical Remarks-
SP Historical Attachmentno
From 2015/20192015
SP Length8 bits
Scaling0.25 s/bit
Offset0 s
Data Range0 s to 59.75 s
Operational Range0 s to 59.75 s
Slot Identifier63
Slot NameSAEtm04
SP TypeMeasured
SP ReferenceNot set
Scale Factor (value only)0.25
Offset (value only)0
Range maximum (value only)62.5
Length minimum (value only)8
Length maximum (value only)8
SP DocumentISO 11783-7
PG Created or Modified DateNot set
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. DateNot set

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