SP NameLocal hour offset
SP DescriptionLocal hour offset is the number of hours between the Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) time and date and a local time and date. This value is added to UTC time and date to determine the local time and date. The local offset is a positive value for times east of the Prime Meridian to the International Date Line. The local offset is a negative value for times west of the Prime Meridian to the International Date Line.
Sp NotesNot set
Has Attachmentyes
SP Historical Remarksyes
SP Historical Attachmentyes
From 2015/20192015
SP Length8 bits
Scaling1 h/bit
Offset−125 h
Data Range−23 h to 23 h
Operational Range−23 h to 23 h
Slot Identifier4
Slot NameSAEtm10
SP TypeMeasured
SP ReferenceNot set
Scale Factor (value only)1
Offset (value only)-125
Range maximum (value only)125
Length minimum (value only)8
Length maximum (value only)8
SP DocumentISO 11783-7
PG Created or Modified DateNot set
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. DateNot set

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