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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
7039Transmission Requested Output Shaft Speed    View
13032HVESP2 Control 1 CRC    View
9654Operator Station In Control Location    View
4466Joystick 1 Lamp 7 Command    View
523Transmission Current Gear    View
4978Pitch Angle Compensation (Extended Range)    View
6527Engine Cylinder 12 Indicated Mean Effective Pressure    View
13013HVESS Status 1 Counter    View
7779Maximum Forward Transmission Output Shaft Speed    View
9023DC/DC 4 High Side Voltage    View
9966Engine Cylinder 8 Instantaneous Center of Combustion Timing    View
11072HVESP1 Outlet Coolant Temperature    View
11326HVESP3 Module 2 Operational Status    View
14698HVESP5 Module 26 Operational Status    View
12189Motor/Generator 6 Inverter Limits Active Mechanical Power Maximum    View
14246HVESP8 Charge Energy Capacity    View
14556HVESP10 Module 23 Operational Status    View
15524HVESP12 Highest Cell Temperature Module Number    View
15858HVESP15 Charge Power Limit Due to Battery Current    View
16166HVESP17 Outlet Coolant Temperature    View
16474HVESP19 Module 2 Operational Status    View
16782HVESP21 Module 26 Operational Status    View
21310HVESS23 Thermal Event Detected    View
17424HVESP26 Voltage Level    View
22537HVESP9 Current (Extended Range)    View
22496HVESP7 High-Voltage Internal (Negative) Contactor 1 State    View
20824Engine Radiator 2 Fan 2 Status    View
15545HVESP12 Recommended Maximum Operating Voltage    View
14604HVESP10 Recommended Maximum State Of Charge    View
12765Aftertreatment 1 Total Engine Runtime With No DEF Delivery    View
12524NOx Tracking Stored 100 Hour Fuel Consumption Bin 17 (MIL On Bin)     View
11948Motor/Generator 4 Inverter Limits Request Mechanical Power Minimum    View
15249ADS Vehicle Speed Control Command Readiness Status    View
10989VFSS Module 2 Detector Zone 3 Name    View
9675Gear Lockout Lamp Status    View
8874Well Stimulation Pump Gear Box Oil Temperature High Threshold Setting    View
8190Oil Debris Monitor Electronics Temperature Status    View
22879HVESS Module 61 Operational Status     View
6931SCR System Cleaning Inhibited Due to Engine Not Warmed Up    View
6643Engine Fuel 2 Tank 2 Level    View
5953Transmission Shift Rail 3 Actuator Status    View
5788Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator 1 Temperature    View
4921Frontal Collision Sensor 4 - Type    View
4662Joystick 8 Grip X-Axis Lever Left Negative Position Status    View
4409Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Line Heater 3    View
1706SPN Conversion Method    View
3642Engine Intake Valve Actuation Oil Pressure for Cylinder #19    View
2777Number of Fuel Consumption Monitoring Transducers    View
2689Joystick 1 Button 5 Pressed Status    View
2433Engine Exhaust Manifold Bank 2 Temperature 1    View
1470PCU Steer Solenoid Status    View
1098Brake Application Pressure High Range, Rear Axle #3, Right Wheel    View
957Number of Forward Gear Ratios    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
695Engine Override Control Mode    View
7040Transmission Requested Torque / Torque Limit    View
11261HVESP3 High-Voltage Bus Connect Command    View
9655Operator Station Lockout    View
4467Joystick 1 Lamp 8 Command    View
162Transmission Requested Range    View
4979Pitch Angle Figure of Merit (Extended Range)    View
6528Engine Cylinder 12 Average Start of Combustion Timing    View
8413HVESS High-Voltage Bus Connection Status    View
7780Maximum Reverse Transmission Output Shaft Speed    View
9024DC/DC 4 High Side Current    View
9967Engine Cylinder 8 Instantaneous Combustion Timing, Point 1    View
11073HVESP1 Electronics Temperature    View
11327HVESP3 Module 3 Operational Status    View
14699HVESP5 Module 27 Operational Status    View
12190Motor/Generator 6 Inverter Limits Active Mechanical Power Minimum    View
14247HVESP8 Maximum Charge Voltage Limit    View
14557HVESP10 Module 24 Operational Status    View
15525HVESP12 Highest Cell Temperature Cell Number    View
15859HVESP15 Charge Power Limit Due to an Undefined Cause    View
16167HVESP17 Electronics Temperature    View
16475HVESP19 Module 3 Operational Status    View
16783HVESP21 Module 27 Operational Status    View
17090HVESP23 Highest Cell State of Charge Module Number    View
17425HVESP26 Current    View
22538HVESP9 Discharge Current Limit (Extended Range)    View
22497HVESP7 High-Voltage Internal (Negative) Contactor 2 State    View
20825Engine Radiator 2 Fan 3 Status    View
15546HVESP12 Recommended Minimum State Of Charge    View
14605HVESP10 Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature    View
12766Aftertreatment 1 Total Time SCR Inlet Temperature Below 200 Celsius    View