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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
2714Joystick 2 Grip X-Axis Neutral Position Status    View
1838Convoy Lamp Select    View
1419Engine Cylinder 7 Ignition Timing    View
1002Trip PTO Governor Moving Fuel Used    View
1107Engine Protection System Timer State    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
683Disengage Driveline Request    View
16975HVESP23 High-Voltage Bus Active Isolation Test Command    View
11267HVESP3 Operation Consent    View
9770OBP Interlock - Key Switch Position    View
5149Low Voltage Disconnect Desired Operating Mode    View
1437Road Speed Limit Status    View
4384Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Actual Dosing Quantity    View
6505Engine Cylinder 6 Average Center of Combustion Timing    View
8083HVESS Maximum Instantaneous Charge Current Limit    View
7686Aftertreatment 2 Outlet NOx 2 Reading Stable    View
8958DC/DC 3 Power Limit due to Low Side Voltage Maximum    View
9916Engine Cylinder 16 Timing 4 Pressure    View
10803Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Status 2 Counter    View
11276HVESP3 Charge Power Limit Due to State of Charge    View
11526HVESP5 Discharge Capacity    View
11955Motor/Generator 4 Inverter Limits Active DC Side Power Maximum    View
22992HVESP7 Data 9 Embedded Integrity Support    View
14483HVESP10 Charge Power Limit Due to State of Charge    View
15445HVESP12 Cell Temperature Differential Status    View
15747HVESP14 Center of Pack Contactor State    View
16049HVESP16 Module 3 Operational Status    View
16351HVESP18 Module 21 Operational Status    View
16653HVESP20 Thermal Management System Mode    View
16951HVESP22 Lowest Cell State of Charge Cell Number    View
17280HVESP25 Available Discharge Power    View
21183Electronic Park Brake Power Unit Switch Status    View
22245Average Time Until FTP Engine Output Energy    View
22570HVESP10 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 1 State    View
21073EV Profile Entry Max Power    View
15977HVESP15 Cell Minimum Voltage Limit    View
14178HVESP7 Cell Maximum Voltage Limit    View
12700GHG Tracking Active 100 Hour Engine Run Time    View
12470NOx Tracking Stored 100 Hour Engine Output Energy Bin 14     View
11489HVESP4 State of Health    View
10829Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Power Limited due to Speed Minimum    View
9221DC/AC Accessory Inverter 1 DC Side Voltage Minimum Limit Request    View
8619Engine Exhaust Manifold Absolute Pressure 1    View
8020Power Electronics Coolant Fan 2 Controller Status Reason Code    View
7528Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Controller 2 Temperature    View
6837Gas Leakage Detection 1 Pressure    View
6250Engine Spark Plug 5 Maximum Voltage    View
8145Engine Fueling Inhibit Prevented Reason Extension    View
5831Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 2 Valve 1 Position Error    View
4834Special Ignitor Loop 7 - Resistance    View
4631Joystick 7 Grip Y-Axis Position    View
4359Aftertreatment 1 SCR Differential Pressure Preliminary FMI    View
4143System Incomplete Monitor Count    View
21057Power Converter 1 Circuit Breaker Status    View
1216Occurrence Count    View
2709Joystick 2 Grip X-Axis Lever Left Negative Position Status    View
1837Convoy Driving Lamp Select    View
1420Engine Cylinder 8 Ignition Timing    View
1003Trip PTO Governor Non-moving Fuel Used    View
1111Engine Protection System Configuration    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
4242Transmission Reverse Gear Shift Inhibit Request    View
16976HVESP23 High-Voltage Bus Passive Isolation Test Command    View
11268HVESP3 High-Voltage Bus High Side Resistor Connect Request    View
9771OBP Interlock - Park Brake    View
5059Cab Noise Control Status    View
2970Accelerator Pedal 2 Low Idle Switch    View
4385Aftertreatment 2 SCR System 1 State    View
6506Engine Cylinder 6 Average Combustion Duration    View
8084HVESS Minimum Cell State of Charge    View
7687Aftertreatment 2 Outlet Wide-Range Percent Oxygen 2 Reading Stable    View