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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
15965HVESP15 Total Energy Throughput    View
14307HVESP8 Contactor Open Under Load Count    View
12716GHG Tracking Stored 100 Hour Vehicle Distance    View
12458NOx Tracking Stored 100 Hour Engine Output Energy Bin 2     View
11843Motor/Generator 3 Inverter Limits Request Speed Maximum    View
13375HVESP5 Total Lifetime Energy Input    View
10817Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Power Limited due to Undefined Reason    View
9375Instantaneous Estimated Engine Power Rate Limit    View
8656Well Stimulation Pump Fluid End Working Hours    View
8048Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Power    View
7608Total Engine Energy    View
6850Delivered Payload Confidence    View
6262Engine Spark Plug 17 Maximum Voltage    View
5864Aftertreatment 2 SCR Intermediate Temperature    View
20913Desired Engine Charge Air Cooler Outlet Temperature    View
4822Driver Belt Tensioner Ignitior Loop - Resistance    View
4656Joystick 8 Button 5 Pressed Status    View
4367Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quick Thaw Tank Volume    View
1216Occurrence Count    View
3559Number of AETC data points    View
3243Aftertreatment 1 Exhaust Temperature 1 Preliminary FMI    View
2724Joystick 2 Button 3 Pressed Status    View
7696Transmission Auto-Neutral (Manual Return) State    View
1441Engine Fuel Flow Rate 2    View
1014Trip Average Engine Speed    View
592Engine Idle Shutdown Timer Override    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
696Engine Requested Speed Control Conditions    View
7040Transmission Requested Torque / Torque Limit    View
11152HVESP2 High-Voltage Bus High Side Resistor Connect Request    View
9831Generator Coolant Pump Speed Command    View
5668Commanded ECU Instance    View
3048Engine Ignition Cycle Counter    View
574Transmission Shift In Process    View
7517Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hydraulic Stiffness Check Permission Status    View
6494Engine Cylinder 3 Average Combustion Duration    View
5922HVESS Highest Cell Voltage    View
7675Engine Exhaust 2 NOx 2 Reading Stable    View
8949DC/DC 3 High Side Voltage Boost Setpoint    View
9905Engine Cylinder 14 Timing 1 Pressure    View
9106Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Switched Ignition Voltage    View
11244HVESP2 High-Voltage Bus Active Isolation Test Results    View
11515HVESP5 Available Charge Power    View
11910Motor/Generator 3 Inverter Rate Limits Active Absolute Speed Rate Limit    View
14144HVESP7 Thermal Management System Coolant Level    View
14444HVESP9 High-Voltage Bus Active Isolation Test Results    View
15434HVESP12 Available Discharge Power    View
15736HVESP14 Highest Cell State of Charge    View
16038HVESP16 Cell Balancing Active    View
16340HVESP18 Module 10 Operational Status    View
16642HVESP20 Module 28 Operational Status    View
16944HVESP22 Highest Cell Temperature Module Number    View
17269HVESP25 Discharge Power Limit Due to Battery Temperature    View
21172Electronic Park Brake Trailer Brake Release Status    View
22234Current Cycle EGR Mass Until Cold Start Tracking Catalyst Temperature Threshold    View
22553HVESP9 High-Voltage Internal (Positive) Contactor 6 State    View
21062EV RESS Conditioning Flag    View
15966HVESP15 Total Accumulated Charge    View
14308HVESP8 Total Energy Throughput    View
12717GHG Tracking Stored 100 Hour Vehicle Fuel Consumption    View
12459NOx Tracking Stored 100 Hour Engine Output Energy Bin 3     View
11844Motor/Generator 3 Inverter Limits Request Speed Minimum    View
13376HVESP5 Total Lifetime Energy Output    View
10818Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Power Limited due to DC Side Current Maximum    View
11798Engine Exhaust Bank 1 Pressure 2    View
8657Well Stimulation Pump Power End Working Hours    View
8049Propulsion Motor Coolant Fan 1 Service Indicator    View
7852Engine Exhaust Flow Rate (Extended Range)    View
6843Lift Axle 1 Status    View
6263Engine Spark Plug 18 Maximum Voltage    View
5865Aftertreatment 2 SCR Intermediate Temperature Preliminary FMI    View
5280Engine Charge Air Cooler 1 Precooler Intake Temperature    View
4823Passenger Belt Tensioner Ignitor Loop - Resistance    View
4657Joystick 8 Button 12 Pressed Status    View
4368Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quick Thaw Tank Temperature    View
1706SPN Conversion Method    View
3560AETC Speed Value    View
3244Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Intake Temperature Preliminary FMI    View
2723Joystick 2 Button 2 Pressed Status    View
8291Transmission Manual Mode Indicator    View
1442Engine Fuel Valve 1 Position    View
1015Trip Drive Average Load Factor    View
590Engine Idle Shutdown Timer State    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View
2551Manufacturer Defined Usage (PropB_PDU2)    View