PG LabelEngine Operating Information 2
PG AcronymEOI2
PG NotesSee for details
Pgn NotesNot set
EDPNot set
DPNot set
PFNot set
PSNot set
MultipacketNot set
Transmission RateNot set
PG Data LengthNot set
Default PriorityNot set
PG ReferenceNot set
Sp Start BitNot set
PG DocumentJ1939DA
PG Created or Modified DateNot set
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. DateNot set

Linked SPNs

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SPNSP NameSP Position In PGSP LengthScalingOffset 
22136Engine Coolant Flow    View
22135Powertrain Protection is Disabled Due to Chassis Not Detected    View
22134Aftertreatment Thermal Management Elevated Idle Status    View
8436Engine Power Derate Request    View
8435Engine Self-Induced Derate Load    View