SP NameMachine Speed Request
SP DescriptionThis parameter is used to report the vehicle speed request of the tractor
Sp NotesNot set
Has Attachmentno
SP Historical Remarks-
SP Historical Attachmentno
From 2015/2019Not set
SP Length16 bits
Scaling0.001 m/s/bit
Offset-32.128 m/s
Data Range-32.128 to 32.127 m/s
Operational RangeNot set
Slot Identifier495
Slot NameSAEvl10
SP TypeMeasured
SP ReferenceNot set
Scale Factor (value only)0.001
Offset (value only)-32.128
Range maximum (value only)32.127
Length minimum (value only)16
Length maximum (value only)16
SP DocumentISO 11783-1
PG Created or Modified Date2023-02-09
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. Date2024-03-06

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