SP NameTIM v2 Client to Server function ID / Message Code
SP DescriptionThis parameter acts as 1st multiplexer in the PGN. It allows to identify the message content being either one of the connection establishment or containing data for one specific TIM function.
Sp NotesNot set
Has Attachmentno
SP Historical Remarks-
SP Historical Attachmentno
From 2015/2019Not set
SP Length8 bits
Scaling1 count/bit
Data RangeFunction ID list: 00 - Auxiliary valve superset 01 to 32 - Auxiliary valve 1 to 32 33 to 48 - Electrical power outlet 1 to 16 49 to 62 - Reserved 63 - Electrical power outlet superset 64 - Front PTO 65 - Rear PTO 66 - Front hitch 67 - Rear hitch 68 - Vehi
Operational Range0 to 255
Slot Identifier133
Slot NameSAEct03
SP TypeCount (no error, N/A)
SP ReferenceNot set
Scale Factor (value only)Not set
Offset (value only)Not set
Range maximum (value only)255
Length minimum (value only)8
Length maximum (value only)8
SP DocumentISO 11783-1
PG Created or Modified Date2023-02-09
PG SP Mapping Created/Mod. Date2024-03-06

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