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PGNPG Label 
63992Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 2 CommandView
63993Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 2 Status 1View
63994Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 3 CommandView
63995Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 3 Status 1View
63996Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 4 CommandView
63997Fuel Cell System Coolant Fan 4 Status 1View
63998APIs SupportedView
63999Fuel Cell System ConfigurationView
64000Fuel Cell System Coolant Information 1View
64001Fuel Cell System Coolant Information 2View
64006Dash Display 3View
64007Vehicle Speed ProfileView
64008Reference TimeView
64009Software HistoryView
64010Motor/Generator 1 Thermal Performance Status View
64011Motor/Generator 2 Thermal Performance Status View
64012Motor/Generator 3 Thermal Performance Status View
64013Motor/Generator 4 Thermal Performance Status View
64014Motor/Generator 5 Thermal Performance Status View
64015Motor/Generator 6 Thermal Performance Status View
64016On Board Programming Event Time/Date View
64017Aftertreatment 1 Light Off SCR Service Information 1View
64018Motor/Generator Location ExtendedView
64019Cold Start Emissions Reduction Strategy Current Operating Cycle DataView
64020Cold Start Emissions Reduction Strategy Average DataView
64021Genset Supporting FunctionsView
64022High Voltage Energy Storage System Internal Status 1 View
64023High Voltage Energy Storage System Internal Status 2View
64024High Voltage Energy Storage System Internal Status 3View
64025High Voltage Energy Storage System Internal Status 4View
64026Electronic Engine Controller 23View
64027Electronic Engine Controller 24View
64028Electronic Engine Controller 25View
64029High Voltage Bus Connection CommandView
64030High Voltage Bus Contactor StatusView
64031Aftertreatment System Information 6View
64032EV Multi-Connection DC Charging Limits 2View
64033EV Multi-Connection Charging In ProgressView
64034Sensor Supply VoltageView
64035Motor/Generator Location (obsolete, use PGN 64018)View
64036High Voltage Energy Storage System Data 12View
64037High Voltage Energy Storage System Data 13View
64038High Voltage Energy Storage System Data 14View
64039High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 1 Internal Status 1View
64040High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 2 Internal Status 1View
64041High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 3 Internal Status 1View
64042High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 4 Internal Status 1View
64043High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 5 Internal Status 1View
64044High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 6 Internal Status 1View
64045High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 7 Internal Status 1View
64046High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 8 Internal Status 1View
64047High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 9 Internal Status 1View
64048High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 10 Internal Status 1View
64049High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 11 Internal Status 1View
64050High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 12 Internal Status 1View
64051Multi-Color Indicator Lamp CommandView
64052Multi-Color Indicator Lamp StatusView
64053Refuse Truck Body InformationView
64054Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 14View
64055Well Stimulation Transmission ControlView
64056Well Stimulation Pump Protection System Configuration Command 1View
64057Well Stimulation Pump Protection System Configuration Command 2View
64058Electric PTO Drive Engagement 1View
64059Electric PTO 1 InformationView
64060Engine Exhaust O2 Sensor InformationView
64061Gaseous Fuel Supply Pressure 3View
64062Traffic SignageView
64063Engine Configuration 4View
64064Electronic Transmission Controller 15View
64065Automated Driving System Network Configuration 2View
64066Automated Driving System Network Configuration 1View
64067Hybrid System Inputs 2View
64068Engine Speed/Load Factor Information 2View
64069Generator Trip Energy 2View
64070Security System Machine Operation InformationView
64071Engine Fuel Actuator Service ModeView
64072Steering Wheel ControlsView
64073Park AssistView
64074Extended DTC informationView
64075Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Information 5View
64076Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Information 5View
64077EV Economy InformationView
64078Automated Driving System Status 2View
64079Automated Driving System Control 3View
64080Aftercooler ValveView
64081Engine Radiator 1View
64082Engine Radiator 2View
64083Genset Enclosure VentilationView
64084Heat Exchanger 1View
64085Heat Exchanger 2View
64086Heat Exchanger 3View
64087Heat Exchanger 4View
64088Engine Exhaust Gas Heat ExchangerView
64089Genset Enclosure Ventilation LouverView
64090Genset External Coolant SystemView
64091EV DC Status 1View
64092EVSE DC Charging Limits 3View
64093EVSE Power Max ScheduleView
64094EV Charge ProfileView
64095EV DC Charging Limits 2View