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Industry GroupVehicle SystemVehicle System DescriptionFunctionFunction Description 
217Sensor Systems138Soil ScoutingView
30Non-specific system143Sonic SensorView
460Navigation systems130Sounder, depth View
214Special Crops132Special Crop Machine ControlView
460Navigation systems155Speed SensorsView
26Sprayers128Spray Rate ControlView
26Sprayers132Sprayers Machine ControlView
   84Start Aid DeviceView
   57Steering Column UnitView
   16Steering ControllerView
30Non-specific system128Supplemental Engine Control SensingView
50Industrial-Process Control-Stationary (Gen-Sets)128Supplemental Engine Control SensingView
   75Supplemental FanView
30Non-specific system138Supplemental Sensor Processing UnitsView
   89Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC)View
30Non-specific System144Survey Total Station TargetView
   18Suspension - Drive AxleView
   17Suspension - Steer AxleView
   35Suspension - System ControllerView
430Power management and lighting systems130Switch View
   33System MonitorView
10Non-specific System128TachographView
27Harvesters128Tailing MonitorView
20Non-specific System130Task Controller (Mapping Computer)View
   76Temperature SensorView
00Non-specific System137Thermal Management System ControllerView
00Non-specific System144ThrottleView
22Tillage135Tillage Depth ControlView
22Tillage132Tillage Machine ControlView
20Non-specific System142TIM ServerView
219Timber Harvesters132Timber Harvestors Machine ControlView
221Timber Loaders132Timber Loaders Machine ControlView
222Timber Processing Machines132Timber Processing Machine ControlView
480Instrumentation/general systems130Time/Date systemsView
   38Tire Pressure ControlView
20Non-specific System134Tractor ECUView
21Tractor132Tractor Machine ControlView
480Instrumentation/general systems190Transducer/generalView
   71Transfer Case ControlView
   43Transmission DisplayView
211Transport/Trailer132Transport Machine ControlView
   20Trip RecorderView
00Non-specific System133TurbochargerView
00Non-specific System142Turbocharger Compressor BypassView
00Non-specific System143Turbocharger WastegateView
460Navigation systems160Turn Rate IndicatorView
29Forage128Twine Wrapper ControlView
211Transport/Trailer136Unload ControlView
11Tractor133User Interface SystemView
224Utility Vehicles132Utility Machine ControlView
   90Vehicle Adapter Communication Controller (VACC)View
   45Vehicle Dynamic Stability ControlView
   23Vehicle NavigationView
   24Vehicle SecurityView
217Sensor Systems136Vibration/KnockView
   29Virtual Terminal (in cab)View
480Instrumentation/general systems140Voyage Data RecorderView
   42Water Pump ControlView
480Instrumentation/general systems180Weather InstrumentsView
217Sensor Systems137Weather InstrumentsView
227Weeders - Non-chemical weed control. The device class Weeders is used by devices that control and eliminate weeds through the use of operation techniques other than spraying. Examples of non-spraying operation techniques for weed control are the use of mechanical actuators or hoes or the transfer of energy from electrical and irradiation sources or a combination of those.132Weeder Machine ControlView
50 132Well Stimulation PumpView
29Forage135Working Height ControlView