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PGNPG Label 
64800Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst 1View
64801Aftertreatment 2 Gas Oxidation CatalystView
64802Aftertreatment 1 Gas Oxidation CatalystView
64803Extended Joystick Message 10View
64804Basic Joystick Message 10View
64805Extended Joystick Message 9View
64806Basic Joystick Message 9View
64807Extended Joystick Message 8View
64808Basic Joystick Message 8View
64809Extended Joystick Message 7View
64810Basic Joystick Message 7View
64811Extended Joystick Message 6View
64812Basic Joystick Message 6View
64813Extended Joystick Message 5View
64814Basic Joystick Message 5View
64815Extended Joystick Message 4View
64816Basic Joystick Message 4View
64817Fan Drive #2View
64818ECU diagnostic protocolView
64819Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply InformationView
64820Aftertreatment 2 SCR Reagant Tank 2 InformationView
64821Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 1 Information 1View
64822Aftertreatment 2 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Information 1View
64823Aftertreatment 2 SCR Service Information 1View
64824Aftertreatment 2 SCR Exhaust Gas Temperature 1View
64825Aftertreatment 2 SCR Exhaust Gas PressuresView
64826Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Requests 2View
64827Aftertreatment 2 SCR Dosing System Information 2View
64828Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply InformationView
64829Aftertreatment 1 SCR Reagant Tank 2 InformationView
64830Aftertreatment 1 SCR Exhaust Gas Temperature 1View
64831Aftertreatment 1 SCR Exhaust Gas PressuresView
64832Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Requests 2View
64833Aftertreatment 1 SCR Dosing System Information 2View
64834ISOBUS compliance certificationView
64835Machine Selected Speed commandView
64836Aftertreatment 2 Fuel Control 2View
64837Aftertreatment 2 Three Way CatalystView
64838Aftertreatment 1 Three Way CatalystView
64839Transmission Mode LabelsView
64840Engine Exhaust Bank 2 O2 Fuel TrimView
64841Engine Exhaust Bank 1 O2 Fuel TrimView
64842General Purpose Message #2/11View
64843General Purpose Message #2/10View
64844General Purpose Message #2/9View
64845General Purpose Message #2/8View
64846General Purpose Message #2/7View
64847General Purpose Message #2/6View
64848General Purpose Message #1/9View
64849Aftercooler Coolant Control Valve CommandView
64850Engine Coolant Control Valve CommandView
64851Engine Average InformationView
64852DTCs - C, Previously ActiveView
64853DTCs - C, Confirmed and ActiveView
64854DTCs - C, PendingView
64855DTCs - B2, Previously ActiveView
64856DTCs - B2, Confirmed and ActiveView
64857DTCs - B2, PendingView
64858DTCs - B1, Previously ActiveView
64859DTCs - B1, Confirmed and ActiveView
64860DTCs - B1, PendingView
64861DTCs - A, Previously ActiveView
64862DTCs - A, Confirmed and ActiveView
64863DTCs - A, PendingView
64864Harmonized B1 Failure CountsView
64865Harmonized Cumulative Continuous Malfunction Indicator – SystemView
64866Harmonized Global Regulation DescriptionView
64867Harmonized Roadworthiness – SystemView
64868Harmonized Roadworthiness - VehicleView
64869Aftertreatment 1 Fuel Control 2View
64870Engine Temperature 4View
64871Zero Net Vehicle Weight ChangeView
64872Gross Combination Vehicle WeightView
64873Axle Group Calibration WeightsView
64874Axle Group WeightView
64875Available Axle Group WeightsView
64876Aftertreatment 2 Air Control 2View
64877Aftertreatment 1 Air Control 2View
64878Aftertreatment 1 SCR Service Information 1View
64879Electronic Engine Controller 8View
64880Door ramp controlView
64881Brake actuator stroke statusView
64882Engine Spark Voltage 6View
64883Engine Spark Voltage 5View
64884Engine Spark Voltage 4View
64885Engine Spark Voltage 3View
64886Engine Spark Voltage 2View
64887Engine Spark Voltage 1View
64888Aftertreatment 2 Trip InformationView
64889Aftertreatment 1 Trip InformationView
64890Aftertreatment 2 Service 1View
64891Aftertreatment 1 Service 1View
64892Diesel Particulate Filter Control 1View
64893Reserved for FMS Telltale statusView
64894Adaptive Front-Lighting System StatusView
64895Engine Configuration 2View
64896Emission-Related Permanent Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
64897EGR Cooler BypassView
64898All Pending DTCsView
64899Transfer Case InformationView