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PGNPG Label 
64878Aftertreatment 1 SCR Service Information 1View
64879Electronic Engine Controller 8View
64880Door ramp controlView
64881Brake actuator stroke statusView
64882Engine Spark Voltage 6View
64883Engine Spark Voltage 5View
64884Engine Spark Voltage 4View
64885Engine Spark Voltage 3View
64886Engine Spark Voltage 2View
64887Engine Spark Voltage 1View
64888Aftertreatment 2 Trip InformationView
64889Aftertreatment 1 Trip InformationView
64890Aftertreatment 2 Service 1View
64891Aftertreatment 1 Service 1View
64892Diesel Particulate Filter Control 1View
64893Reserved for FMS Telltale statusView
64894Adaptive Front-Lighting System StatusView
64895Engine Configuration 2View
64896Emission-Related Permanent Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
64897EGR Cooler BypassView
64898All Pending DTCsView
64899Transfer Case InformationView
64900Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 9View
64901Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 8View
64902Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 7View
64903Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 6View
64904Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 5View
64905Vehicle Direction/Speed 2View
64906SAE J2012 DTC DisplayView
64907Aftertreatment 2 Gas ParametersView
64908Aftertreatment 1 Gas ParametersView
64909Utility Total AC Reactive EnergyView
64910Generator Total AC Reactive EnergyView
64911Generator Total AC Percent PowerView
64912Advertised Engine Torque CurveView
64913AC Switching Device StatusView
64914Engine Operating InformationView
64915Generator Control 1View
64916Electronic Engine Controller 7View
64917Transmission Fluids 2View
64918Fuel Information 2 (Liquid)View
64919Fuel Information 3 (Liquid)View
64920Aftertreatment 1 Historical Information 1View
64921Aftertreatment 2 Historical information 1View
64922Electronic Brake System #2/4View
64923Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Information 1View
64924Sensor Electrical Power #2View
64925Sensor Electrical Power #1View
64926Aftertreatment 2 Air Control 1View
64927Aftertreatment 1 Air Control 1View
64928Aftertreatment 2 Fuel Control 1View
64929Aftertreatment 1 Fuel Control 1View
64930Fuel Information 3 (Gaseous)View
64931Electronic Engine Controller 6View
64932PTO Drive EngagementView
64933Door Control 2View
64934Voltage Regulator Excitation StatusView
64935Voltage Regulator Operating ModeView
64936Wireless Communications Message 2View
64937Wireless Communications Message 1View
64938Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 4View
64939Request For Complete Configurable Message Set (no longer used)View
64940Engine Fuel InformationView
64941Request For Complete Configurable Message SetView
64942Fifth Wheel Smart Systems 2View
64943Aftertreatment 2 Intermediate GasView
64944Aftertreatment 2 Outlet Gas 2View
64945Aftertreatment 2 Intake Gas 2View
64946Aftertreatment 1 Intermediate GasView
64947Aftertreatment 1 Outlet Gas 2View
64948Aftertreatment 1 Intake Gas 2View
64949Emission-Related Previously MIL-On Diagnostic Trouble CodesView
64950SPN SupportView
64951Expanded Freeze FrameView
64952Diagnostic Readiness 3View
64953Tire Pressure Reference InformationView
64954Farebox StatusView
64955Farebox Point of SaleView
64956Farebox Service DetailView
64957Signal PreemptionView
64958Transit RouteView
64959Transit MilepostView
64960Passenger CounterView
64961Engine Fluid Level/Pressure 3View
64962Electronic Engine Controller 14View
64963Electronic Engine Controller 15View
64964Electronic Brake Controller 5View
64965ECU Identification InformationView
64966Cold Start AidsView
64967Off-Highway Engine Control Selection StatesView
64968Operator Primary Intermediate Speed Control stateView
64969Electronic Control Module InformationView
64970Intermediate Speed ControlView
64971Off-Highway Engine Control SelectionView
64972Operators External Light Controls MessageView
64973Operator Wiper and Washer Controls MessageView
64974Working Set Member Message (Obsolete - See PGN 65088)View
64975Working Set Master Message (Obsolete - See PGN 65089)View
64976Intake/Exhaust Conditions 2View
64977FMS-standard Interface Identity/CapabilitiesView