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1180Engine Turbocharger 1 Turbine Intake TemperatureView
1181Engine Turbocharger 2 Turbine Intake TemperatureView
1182Engine Turbocharger 3 Turbine Intake TemperatureView
1183Engine Turbocharger 4 Turbine Intake TemperatureView
1184Engine Turbocharger 1 Turbine Outlet TemperatureView
1185Engine Turbocharger 2 Turbine Outlet TemperatureView
1186Engine Turbocharger 3 Turbine Outlet TemperatureView
1187Engine Turbocharger 4 Turbine Outlet TemperatureView
1188Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator 1 PositionView
1189Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator 2 PositionView
1190Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator 3 PositionView
1191Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator 4 PositionView
1192Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator Control Air PressureView
1193Engine Operation Time Since RebuildView
1194Anti-theft Encryption Seed Present IndicatorView
1195Anti-theft Password Valid IndicatorView
1196Anti-theft Component Status StatesView
1197Anti-theft Modify Password StatesView
1198Anti-theft Random NumberView
1199Anti-theft Encryption Indicator StatesView
1200Anti-theft Desired Exit Mode StatesView
1201Anti-theft Command StatesView
1202Anti-theft Password RepresentationView
1203Engine Auxiliary Coolant PressureView
1204Electrical LoadView
1205Safety Wire StatusView
1206Engine Turning Gear EngagedView
1208Engine Oil Filter Intake PressureView
1209Engine Exhaust Bank 1 Pressure 1View
1210Engine Fuel Rack PositionView
1211Engine Build Hours ResetView
1212Engine Auxiliary Coolant TemperatureView
1213Malfunction Indicator LampView
1214Suspect Parameter NumberView
1215Failure Mode IdentifierView
1216Occurrence CountView
1217Freeze Frame LengthView
1218Active Diagnostic Trouble Code CountView
1219Previously Active Trouble CodesView
1220OBD ComplianceView
1221Continuously Monitored Systems Support/StatusView
1222Non-continuously Monitored Systems SupportView
1223Non-continuously Monitored Systems StatusView
1224Test IdentifierView
1225Test Type/Component IdentifierView
1226Test ValueView
1227Test Limit MaximumView
1228Test Limit MinimumView
1229Test Identifiers SupportedView
1230Current Data LinkView
1231J1939 Network #2View
1232ISO 9141View
1234Other, Manufacturer Specified PortView
1235J1939 Network #3View
1236Hold SignalView
1237Engine Shutdown Override SwitchView
1238Traction Control Override SwitchView
1239Engine Fuel Leakage 1View
1240Engine Fuel Leakage 2View
1241Engine Fuel System 1 Gas Mass Flow RateView
1242Instantaneous Estimated Brake PowerView
1243ABS Fully OperationalView
1244Engine Fuel Actuator 2 Control CommandView
1245Engine Timing Actuator 2View
1246Number of Engine Torque History RecordsView
1247Engine PowerView
1248Engine Peak Torque 1View
1249Engine Peak Torque 2View
1250Calibration Record Start MonthView
1251Calibration Record Start DayView
1252Calibration Record Start YearView
1253Calibration Record Duration TimeView
1254Torque Limiting Feature StatusView
1255Transmission Gear Ratio 1View
1256Engine Torque Limit 1, TransmissionView
1257Transmission Gear Ratio 2View
1258Engine Torque Limit 2, TransmissionView
1259Transmission Gear Ratio 3View
1260Engine Torque Limit 3, TransmissionView
1261Engine Torque Limit 4, TransmissionView
1262Engine Torque Limit 5, SwitchView
1263Engine Torque Limit 6, Axle InputView
1294Engine Spark Plug 1View
1295Engine Spark Plug 2View
1296Engine Spark Plug 3View
1297Engine Spark Plug 4View
1298Engine Spark Plug 5View
1299Engine Spark Plug 6View
1300Engine Spark Plug 7View
1301Engine Spark Plug 8View
1302Engine Spark Plug 9View
1303Engine Spark Plug 10View
1304Engine Spark Plug 11View
1305Engine Spark Plug 12View
1306Engine Spark Plug 13View
1307Engine Spark Plug 14View
1308Engine Spark Plug 15View
1309Engine Spark Plug 16View
1310Engine Spark Plug 17View