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1611Vehicle motionView
1612Driver 1 working stateView
1613Driver 2 working stateView
1614Vehicle OverspeedView
1615Driver card, driver 1View
1616Driver card, driver 2View
1617Driver 1 Time Related StatesView
1618Driver 2 Time Related StatesView
1619Direction indicatorView
1620Tachograph performanceView
1621Handling informationView
1622System eventView
1623Tachograph output shaft speedView
1624Tachograph vehicle speedView
1625Driver 1 identificationView
1626Driver 2 identificationView
1632Engine Torque Limit FeatureView
1633Cruise Control Pause SwitchView
1634Calibration Verification NumberView
1635Calibration IdentificationView
1636Engine Intake Manifold 1 Temperature (High Resolution)View
1637Engine Coolant Temperature (High Resolution)View
1638Hydraulic TemperatureView
1639Fan SpeedView
1640Length/Number RequestedView
1641Pointer TypeView
1643Pointer ExtensionView
1644Pointer View
1646Status (for DM 15)View
1647EDCP ExtensionView
1648Error Indicator/EDC ParameterView
1649Length/Number AllowedView
1650Number of Occurrences of Raw Binary DataView
1651Raw Binary DataView
1652Boot Load DataView
1653Vehicle Limiting Speed Governor Enable SwitchView
1654Vehicle Limiting Speed Governor Increment SwitchView
1655Vehicle Limiting Speed Governor Decrement SwitchView
1656Engine Automatic Start Enable SwitchView
1665Engine Turbocharger Oil Level SwitchView
1666Automatic Gear Shifting Enable SwitchView
1667Retarder Requesting Brake LightView
1668J1939 Network #4View
1675Engine Starter ModeView
1676Auxiliary Heater Water Pump StatusView
1677Auxiliary Heater ModeView
1678Cab VentilationView
1679Engine Heating ZoneView
1680Cab Heating ZoneView
1681Battery Main Switch Hold StateView
1682Battery Main Switch Hold RequestView
1683Auxiliary Heater Mode RequestView
1684Auxiliary Heater Coolant Pump RequestView
1685Request Engine Zone HeatingView
1686Request Cab Zone HeatingView
1687Auxiliary Heater Output Coolant TemperatureView
1688Auxiliary Heater Input Air TemperatureView
1689Auxiliary Heater Output Power PercentView
1690Auxiliary Heater Maximum Output PowerView
1691Cab Interior Temperature CommandView
1692Engine Intake Manifold Desired Absolute PressureView
1693Engine Turbocharger Wastegate Valve PositionView
1694Engine Fuel System Gas Mass Flow Rate Sensor Fueling CorrectionView
1695Engine Exhaust O2 Sensor Fueling CorrectionView
1696Engine Exhaust O2 Sensor Closed Loop OperationView
1697Tire Sensor Electrical FaultView
1698Tire StatusView
1699Tire Sensor Enable StatusView
1700Lane Departure Imminent, Left SideView
1701Lane Departure Imminent, Right SideView
1702Lane Departure Indication Enable StatusView
1706SPN Conversion MethodView
1707Hydraulic Fan 2 Motor PressureView
1708Fan 2 Drive Bypass Command StatusView
1710Lane Tracking Status Left SideView
1711Lane Tracking Status Right SideView
1712Engine Requested Speed Control Range Upper Limit (Extended Range)View
1713Hydraulic Oil Filter Restriction SwitchView
1714Operator Seat Direction SwitchView
1715Drivers Demand Retarder - Percent TorqueView
1716Retarder Selection, non-engineView
1717Actual Maximum Available Retarder - Percent TorqueView
1718Damper Stiffness Request Front AxleView
1719Damper Stiffness Request Rear AxleView
1720Damper Stiffness Request Lift / Tag AxleView
1721Relative Level Front Axle LeftView
1722Relative Level Front Axle RightView
1723Relative Level Rear Axle RightView
1724Relative Level Rear Axle LeftView
1725Bellow Pressure Front Axle LeftView
1726Bellow Pressure Front Axle RightView
1727Bellow Pressure Rear Axle LeftView
1728Bellow Pressure Rear Axle RightView
1729Damper Stiffness Front AxleView
1730Damper Stiffness Rear AxleView
1731Damper Stiffness Lift / Tag AxleView
1732Level Preset Front Axle LeftView
1733Nominal Level Rear AxleView