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PGNPG Label 
65100Military Lighting CommandView
65101Total Averaged InformationView
65102Door Control 1View
65103Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control 1View
65104Battery TemperatureView
65105Adaptive Cruise Control, Operator InputView
65106Vehicle Electrical Power 3View
65107Retarder Continuous Torque & Speed LimitView
65108Engine Continuous Torque & Speed LimitView
65109Gaseous Fuel PropertiesView
65110Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 1 Information 1View
65111Air Suspension Control 5View
65112Air Suspension Control 4View
65113Air Suspension Control 3View
65114Air Suspension Control 1View
65115Forward Lane Image 2View
65116Running Gear Equipment #2/2View
65117General Purpose Message #1/2View
65118Running Gear Equipment #2/3View
65119General Purpose Message #1/3View
65120General Purpose Message #2/3View
65121General Purpose Message #1/4View
65122General Purpose Message #2/4View
65123General Purpose Message #1/5View
65124General Purpose Message #2/5View
65125General Purpose Message #1/6View
65126Battery Main Switch InformationView
65127Climate Control ConfigurationView
65128Vehicle FluidsView
65129Engine Temperature 3View
65130Engine Fuel/Lube SystemsView
65131Driver's IdentificationView
65133Heater InformationView
65134High Resolution Wheel SpeedView
65135Adaptive Cruise Control 1View
65136Combination Vehicle WeightView
65137Laser Tracer PositionView
65138Laser Leveling System Blade ControlView
65139Laser Receiver Mast PositionView
65140Modify Leveling System Control Set PointView
65141Laser Leveling System Vertical DeviationView
65142Laser Leveling System Vertical Position Display DataView
65143Auxiliary PressuresView
65144Tire Pressure Control Unit Mode and StatusView
65145Tire Pressure Control Unit Target PressuresView
65146Tire Pressure Control Unit Current PressuresView
65147Combustion Time 1View
65148Combustion Time 2View
65149Combustion Time 3View
65150Combustion Time 4View
65151Combustion Time 5View
65152Combustion Time 6View
65153Fuel Information 2 (Gaseous)View
65154Ignition Timing 1View
65155Ignition Timing 2View
65156Ignition Timing 3View
65157Ignition Timing 4View
65158Ignition Timing 5View
65159Ignition Timing 6View
65160Ignition Transformer Secondary Output 1View
65161Ignition Transformer Secondary Output 2View
65162Ignition Transformer Secondary Output 3View
65163Gaseous Fuel Pressure 1View
65164Auxiliary Analog InformationView
65165Vehicle Electrical Power 2View
65166Service 2View
65167Supply Pressure 2View
65168Engine Torque HistoryView
65169Fuel LeakageView
65170Engine Information 1View
65171Engine Electrical System/Module InformationView
65172Engine Auxiliary CoolantView
65173Rebuild InformationView
65174Turbocharger WastegateView
65175Turbocharger Information 5View
65176Turbocharger Information 4View
65177Turbocharger Information 3View
65178Turbocharger Information 2View
65179Turbocharger Information 1View
65180Main Bearing Temperature 3View
65181Main Bearing Temperature 2View
65182Main Bearing Temperature 1View
65183Exhaust Port Temperature 5View
65184Exhaust Port Temperature 4View
65185Exhaust Port Temperature 3View
65186Exhaust Port Temperature 2View
65187Exhaust Port Temperature 1View
65188Engine Temperature 2View
65189Intake Manifold Information 2View
65190Intake Manifold Information 1View
65191Alternator Temperature 1View
65192Articulation ControlView
65193Exhaust Oxygen 1View
65194Alternate Fuel 2View
65195Electronic Transmission Controller 6View
65196Wheel Brake Lining Remaining InformationView
65197Wheel Application Pressure High Range InformationView
65198Air Supply PressureView
65199Fuel Consumption (Gaseous)View