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PGNPG Label 
129545GNSS RAIM OutputView
129546GNSS RAIM SettingsView
129547GNSS Pseudorange Error StatisticsView
129549DGNSS CorrectionsView
129550GNSS Differential Correction Receiver InterfaceView
129551GNSS Differential Correction Receiver SignalView
129556GLONASS Almanac DataView
129792AIS DGNSS Broadcast Binary MessageView
129793AIS UTC and Date ReportView
129794AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related DataView
129795AIS Addressed Binary MessageView
129796AIS AcknowledgeView
129797AIS Binary Broadcast MessageView
129798AIS SAR Aircraft Position ReportView
129799Radio Frequency/Mode/PowerView
129800AIS UTC/Date InquiryView
129801AIS Addressed Safety Related MessageView
129802AIS Safety Related Broadcast MessageView
129803AIS InterrogationView
129804AIS Assignment Mode CommandView
129805AIS Data Link Management MessageView
129806AIS Channel ManagementView
129807AIS Class B Group AssignmentView
129808DSC Call InformationView
129809AIS Class B "CS" Static Data Report, Part AView
129810AIS Class B "CS" Static Data Report, Part BView
130052Loran-C TD DataView
130053Loran-C Range DataView
130054Loran-C Signal DataView
130061Channel Source ConfigurationView
130064Route and WP Service - Database ListView
130065Route and WP Service - Route ListView
130066Route and WP Service - Route/WP-List AttributesView
130067Route and WP Service - Route - WP Name & PositionView
130068Route and WP Service - Route - WP NameView
130069Route and WP Service - XTE Limit & Navigation MethodView
130070Route and WP Service - WP CommentView
130071Route and WP Service - Route CommentView
130072Route and WP Service - Database CommentView
130073Route and WP Service - Radius of TurnView
130074Route and WP Service - WP List - WP Name & PositionView
130306Wind DataView
130310Environmental ParametersView
130311Environmental ParametersView
130314Actual PressureView
130315Set PressureView
130316Temperature- Extended RangeView
130320Tide Station DataView
130321Salinity Station DataView
130322Current Station DataView
130323Meteorological Station DataView
130324Moored Buoy Station DataView
130560Payload MassView
130576Small Craft StatusView
130577Direction DataView
130578Vessel Speed ComponentsView
130816Proprietary B - Page 1 (first entry)View
130817Proprietary B - Page 1View
130818Proprietary B - Page 1View
130819Proprietary B - Page 1View
130820Proprietary B - Page 1View
130821Proprietary B - Page 1View
130822Proprietary B - Page 1View
130823Proprietary B - Page 1View
130824Proprietary B - Page 1View
130825Proprietary B - Page 1View
130826Proprietary B - Page 1View
130827Proprietary B - Page 1View
130828Proprietary B - Page 1View
130829Proprietary B - Page 1View
130830Proprietary B - Page 1View
130831Proprietary B - Page 1View
130832Proprietary B - Page 1View
130833Proprietary B - Page 1View
130834Proprietary B - Page 1View
130835Proprietary B - Page 1View
130836Proprietary B - Page 1View
130837Proprietary B - Page 1View
130838Proprietary B - Page 1View
130839Proprietary B - Page 1View
130840Proprietary B - Page 1View
130841Proprietary B - Page 1View
130842Proprietary B - Page 1View
130843Proprietary B - Page 1View
130844Proprietary B - Page 1View
130845Proprietary B - Page 1View
130846Proprietary B - Page 1View
130847Proprietary B - Page 1View
130848Proprietary B - Page 1View
130849Proprietary B - Page 1View
130850Proprietary B - Page 1View
130851Proprietary B - Page 1View
130852Proprietary B - Page 1View
130853Proprietary B - Page 1View
130854Proprietary B - Page 1View
130855Proprietary B - Page 1View
130856Proprietary B - Page 1View