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PGNPG Label 
256Transmission Control 1View
512Electronic Brake System #1/1View
768Electronic Brake System #2/1View
1024External Brake RequestView
1280CANopen Application Message #1/1View
1536CANopen Application Message #2/1View
1792General Purpose Valve PressureView
2048Auxiliary Input/Output Status 5View
2304Static Roll Angle Sensor InformationView
2560Cruise Control / Vehicle Speed 2View
2816Advanced Emergency Braking System 2View
3072Electronic Engine Controller 16View
3328Transmission Control 2View
3584Safety Header MessageView
3840High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 11 Control 1View
4096High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 12 Control 1View
4352High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 13 Control 1View
4608High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 14 Control 1View
4864High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 15 Control 1View
5120High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 16 Control 1View
5376High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 17 Control 1View
5632High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 18 Control 1View
5888High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 19 Control 1View
6144High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 20 Control 1View
6400High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 21 Control 1View
6656High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 22 Control 1View
6912High Voltage Energy Storage System Control 1View
7168Transmission Control 3 (Obsolete, see PGN 16896)View
7424Engine Ignition ControllerView
7680Alternator ControlView
7936High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 23 Control 1View
8192High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 24 Control 1View
8448High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 25 Control 1View
8704High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 26 Control 1View
8960Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Server to TIM ClientView
9216Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Client to TIM ServerView
9728Motor/Generator 1 Inverter ControlView
9984Motor/Generator 2 Inverter ControlView
10240Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Rate Limits Request 1View
10496Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Rate Limits Request 1View
10752High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 1 Control 1View
11008High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 2 Control 1View
11264High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 3 Control 1View
11520High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 4 Control 1View
11776High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 5 Control 1View
12032High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 6 Control 1View
12288High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 7 Control 1View
12544High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 8 Control 1View
12800High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 9 Control 1View
13056High Voltage Energy Storage Pack 10 Control 1View
13312Reliable Long MessageView
13568Reliable Short MessageView
13824Unreliable MessageView
14080Message AcknowledbementView
14336Version Negotiation SectionView
14592External ACC Acceleration RequestView
14848Battery Charger 1 Command 1View
15104Battery Charger 2 Command 1View
15360Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Server to TIM Client - Control StatusView
15616Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Client to TIM Server - Control StatusView
15872Fuel Cell System Control CommandView
16128Fuel Cell System Power Limit CommandView
16384Fuel Cell System Current Limit CommandView
16640Hydrogen Storage System Control CommandView
16896Transmission Control 4View
17920API SelectView
18432Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Server to Client - Initialization & ParameterizationView
18688Tractor Implement Management (TIM) Client to Server - Initialization & ParameterizationView
18944EV Multi-Connection DC Status 1View
19200EV Multi-Connection DC Charging Limits 1View
19456Electrified Accessory Engine Coolant Pump CommandView
19712FD Transport Protocol - Connection MgmtView
19968FD Transport Protocol - Data TransferView
20224Data Transfer SupportView
20480Monthly Data TransferView
20736Weekly Data TransferView
20992Daily Data TransferView
21248EVSE Control 1View
21504Winch Information 3View
21760Air Suspension Control 8View
22016Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Control 2View
22272Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Control 2View
22528Hoist Command InformationView
22784Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Isolation Integrity RequestView
23040Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Isolation Integrity RequestView
23296Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Limits Request PowerView
23552Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Limits Request MechanicalView
23808Motor/Generator 2 Inverter Limits Request DC SideView
24064Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Limits Request DC SideView
24320Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Limits Request MechanicalView
24576Motor/Generator 1 Inverter Limits Request PowerView
24832Personnel Detect InterlockView
25088Engine Cylinder Combustion Configuration FeedbackView
25344Engine Cylinder Combustion ConfigurationView
25600Engine Cylinder Pressure Timing FeedbackView
25856Engine Cylinder Pressure Timing ConfigurationView
26112Electrified Accessory Generator Coolant Pump Command View
26368Electrified Accessory Generator Coolant Fan Command View
26624On Board Programming 1View