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186Power Takeoff SpeedView
187Power Takeoff Set SpeedView
188Engine Speed At Idle, Point 1View
189Engine Rated SpeedView
190Engine SpeedView
191Transmission Output Shaft SpeedView
233Unit Number (Power Unit)View
234Software IdentificationView
235Engine Total Idle HoursView
236Engine Total Idle Fuel UsedView
237Vehicle Identification NumberView
241Tire PressureView
242Tire TemperatureView
244Trip DistanceView
245Total Vehicle DistanceView
246Total Vehicle HoursView
247Engine Total Hours of OperationView
248Total Power Takeoff HoursView
249Engine Total RevolutionsView
250Engine Total Fuel UsedView
354Relative HumidityView
355Engine Oil Life RemainingView
407Axle Group Full Weight CalibrationView
408Axle Group Empty Weight CalibrationView
409Axle Group WeightView
411Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 Differential PressureView
412Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 TemperatureView
413Net Vehicle Weight ChangeView
417Gross Combination WeightView
441Auxiliary Temperature 1View
442Auxiliary Temperature 2View
444Battery Potential / Power Input 2View
509Milepost IdentificationView
512Driver's Demand Engine - Percent TorqueView
513Actual Engine - Percent TorqueView
514Nominal Friction - Percent TorqueView
515Engine's Desired Operating SpeedView
517Navigation-Based Vehicle SpeedView
518Engine Requested Torque/Torque LimitView
519Engine's Desired Operating Speed Asymmetry AdjustmentView
520Actual Retarder - Percent TorqueView
521Brake Pedal PositionView
522Percent Clutch SlipView
523Transmission Current GearView
524Transmission Selected GearView
525Transmission Requested GearView
526Transmission Actual Gear RatioView
527Cruise Control StatesView
528Engine Speed At Point 2View
529Engine Speed At Point 3View
530Engine Speed At Point 4View
531Engine Speed At Point 5View
532Engine Speed At High Idle, Point 6View
533Engine Maximum Momentary Override Speed, Point 7View
534Engine Maximum Momentary Override Time LimitView
535Engine Requested Speed Control Range Lower LimitView
536Engine Requested Speed Control Range Upper LimitView
537Engine Requested Torque Control Range Lower LimitView
538Engine Requested Torque Control Range Upper LimitView
539Engine Percent Torque At Idle, Point 1View
540Engine Percent Torque At Point 2View
541Engine Percent Torque At Point 3View
542Engine Percent Torque At Point 4View
543Engine Percent Torque At Point 5View
544Engine Reference TorqueView
545Engine Gain (kp) Of The Endspeed GovernorView
546Retarder Speed At Idle, Point 1View
547Retarder Speed At Peak Torque, Point 5View
548Maximum Retarder Speed, Point 2View
549Retarder Speed At Point 3View
550Retarder Speed At Point 4View
551Retarder Percent Torque At Idle, Point 1View
552Retarder Percent Torque At Maximum Speed, Point 2View
553Retarder Percent Torque At Point 3View
554Retarder Percent Torque At Point 4View
555Retarder Percent Torque At Peak Torque, Point 5View
556Retarder Reference TorqueView
557Retarder Control MethodView
558Accelerator Pedal 1 Low Idle SwitchView
559Accelerator Pedal Kickdown SwitchView
560Transmission Driveline EngagedView
561ASR Engine Control ActiveView
562ASR Brake Control ActiveView
563Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) ActiveView
564Differential Lock State - CentralView
565Differential Lock State - Central FrontView
566Differential Lock State - Central RearView
567Differential Lock State - Front Axle 1View
568Differential Lock State - Front Axle 2View
569Differential Lock State - Rear Axle 1View
570Differential Lock State - Rear Axle 2View
571Retarder Enable - Brake Assist SwitchView
572Retarder Enable - Shift Assist SwitchView
573Transmission Torque Converter Lockup EngagedView
574Transmission Shift In ProcessView
575ABS Off-road SwitchView
576ASR Off-road SwitchView
577ASR "Hill Holder" SwitchView
578Drive Axle TemperatureView
579Drive Axle Lift Air PressureView