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Industry GroupSource AddressNameNotes 
5241Engine Monitor #1 View
5242Engine Monitor #2 View
5243Engine Monitor #3 View
5244Engine Monitor #4 View
5245Engine Monitor #5 View
5246Engine Monitor #6 View
5247Engine Monitor #7 View
 7Power TakeOff - (Main or Rear) View
 8Axle - Steering View
 11Brakes - System Controller View
 12Brakes - Steer Axle View
 16Retarder - Driveline View
 18Fuel System View
 19Steering Controller View
 20Suspension - Steer Axle View
 24Trip Recorder View
 27Aerodynamic Control View
 28Vehicle Navigation View
 29Vehicle Security View
 31Starter System View
 33Body Controller View
 36Power TakeOff (Front or Secondary) View
 38Virtual Terminal (in cab) View
 43On-Board Diagnostic Unit View
 45Endurance Braking System View
 46Hydraulic Pump Controller View
 48Pneumatic - System Controller View
 49Cab Controller - Primary View
 50Cab Controller - Secondary View
 51Tire Pressure Controller View
 55Lighting - Operator Controls View
 56Rear Axle Steering Controller #1 View
 57Water Pump Controller View
 61Exhaust Emission Controller View
 62Vehicle Dynamic Stability Controller View
 63Oil Sensor View
 64Suspension - System Controller #2 View
 97thru 127 are reserved for future assignment by SAE View
 251On-Board Data Logger View
 252Reserved for Experimental Use View
 253Reserved for OEM View
1169Trailer #5 Lighting-electrical View
1170Trailer #5 Brakes (ABS-EBS) View
1171Trailer #5 Reefer View
1172Trailer #5 Cargo View
1173Trailer #5 Chassis-Suspension View
1177Trailer #4 Lighting-electrical View
1178Trailer #4 Brakes (ABS-EBS) View
1179Trailer #4 Reefer View
1180Trailer #4 Cargo View
1181Trailer #4 Chassis-Suspension View
1185Trailer #3 Lighting-electrical View
1186Trailer #3 Brakes (ABS-EBS) View
1187Trailer #3 Reefer View
1188Trailer #3 Cargo View
1189Trailer #3 Chassis-Suspension View
1193Trailer #2 Lighting-electrical View
1194Trailer #2 Brakes (ABS-EBS) View
1195Trailer #2 Reefer View
1196Trailer #2 Cargo View
1197Trailer #2 Chassis-Suspension View
1201Trailer #1 Lighting-electrical View
1202Trailer #1 Brakes (ABS-EBS) View
1203Trailer #1 Reefer View
1204Trailer #1 Cargo View
1205Trailer #1 Chassis-Suspension View
1233Door Controller #3 View
1234Door Controller #4 View
1238Tachograph View
3235Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #1 View
3236Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #2 View
3237Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #3 View
3238Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #4 View
3239Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #5 View
3240Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #6 View
3241Engine Monitor #1 View
3242Engine Monitor #2 View
3243Engine Monitor #3 View
3244Engine Monitor #4 View
3245Engine Monitor #5 View
3246Engine Monitor #6 View
3247Engine Monitor #7 View
5235Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #1 View
5236Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #2 View
5237Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #3 View
5238Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #4 View
5239Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #5 View
5240Supplemental Sensor Processing Unit #6 View
3233Single Land Leveling System Operator InterfaceA component that allows the user to control the Land Leveling System and display information about the operation of the system.View
2247Task Control (Mapping Computer)A control function on the 11783 network that is responsible for the sending, receiving and logging of process dataView
 96Vehicle Adapter Communication Controller (VACC)A controller inside of the adapter placed between an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) vehicle connector and the vehicle inlet.View
2236Data LoggerA data logging server that provides the LOG functionality as specified in ISO 11783-10View
3224Rotation SensorA device that measures the rotational angle around an axis.View
1162Slope SensorA device that measures the slope along an axis.View
3226Slope SensorA device that measures the slope along an axis.View
3232Land Leveling Electric MastA device that moves a Sensor to maintain a specific position.View
3229Laser TracerA device that receives a laser strike and reports the vertical and horizontal position.View
3234Laser ReceiverA device that receives a laser strike, and reports the specific position.View
 73Propulsion Battery ChargerA device used to charge propulsion batteries in an electric vehicle from an off-board source of electrical energy.View
2240Tractor ECUA gateway (see ISO 11783-4) between the tractor and the implement bus representing the tractor and its messages on the 11783 networkView